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Analyst & writer, formerly filming in Syria in 2013. My primary focus is on the Middle East, with an emphasis on Syria, Iraq and Iran. I also conduct research into war criminals fleeing the conflict into Europe.



Bombs Are “Civilised”, But Knives Are Barbaric?

At least 212 Syrian civilians were killed in bombings by the US coalition in the Tokhar area of Manbij on Tuesday. Manbij is the scene of fierce fighting between Da'esh and the PKK's YPG offshoot and allies in the SDF ("Syria... Continue Reading →

The Government-Prodded “Mujahideen” of Da’esh

When you look at some of the extremists (and I don't mean that all those going to fight against Assad are inherent extremists at all, only those committing atrocities in the name of Islam; many good Muslims have gone to Syria... Continue Reading →

Hezbollah is Flogging a Dead Horse

Today, a barrage of mortar and anti-tank fire struck an Israeli military (IDF) convoy in the occupied Shebaa farms, killing at least 4 IDF soldiers. This attack was in response to the January 18th Israeli attack on a Hezbollah outpost... Continue Reading →

What Factors Explain the Central Role of the Military in Egyptian Politics?

Ever ince the unilateral inception of Egypt as an independent state on February 22nd 1922, Egypt's military has been a key power-broker in the internal and external political system. This was signified by the rise of leaders such as Nasser, Sadat,... Continue Reading →

Assad Approves New Chemical Attack on Jobar at Meeting With Top Security Officials, IRG: Report

#Assad plans yet more disgusting #chemical attacks against the people of #Syria…

Radio Free Syria

By Walid al-Ghanim 

08-04-2014: The Assad regime is reportedly planning another chemical weapons attack on the East Ghouta region of Damascus province in the near future, specifically on Jobar, according to a report from a credible regime insider who leaked information on the planned attack to the FSA. 

The regime insider reported that during a meeting held on Friday April 4th with senior regime security officials and senior officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which now controls the regime’s military strategy, Bashar al Assad discussed how best to halt the advance of the FSA in the East Ghouta area.

According to information supplied to the FSA by the regime insider, the decision to launch another chemical weapons attack on Jobar, considered the first line of contact with the regime-controlled areas of Damascus, was taken with the help of Iranian military experts in the use of chemical weapons…

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