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Analyst & writer, formerly filming in Syria in 2013. My primary focus is on the Middle East, with an emphasis on Syria, Iraq and Iran. I also conduct research into war criminals fleeing the conflict into Europe.


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Stop Asking Why Americans Support Trump

I'm amazed that I *still* hear people saying "I can't believe Trump won!" or "How did he get all this support?!" etc. Please. Trump's supporters didn't just appear out of nowhere. This level of support for a candidate who is... Continue Reading →

From Mosul to Aleppo

The battle for Mosul is in full swing. The Iraqi Golden Division, Kurdish Peshmerga and other forces are engaging with Da'esh across the outskirts of the city. Mosul is a tough nut to crack. Da'esh has been preparing for some... Continue Reading →

Interview With UPI

On April 27 I was featured in a UPI article by Zuhour Mahmoud, discussing the efforts of myself and several journalists and organisations to track down suspected war criminals fleeing to Europe under the guise of refugees (via human leads... Continue Reading →

Khamenei’s Men in Palestine

The inception of the Iranian nuclear deal has given Tehran new life, and a fresh opportunity to branch out across the Middle East. Already running what remains of Souria al-Assad through Revolutionary Guard commanders and a patchwork of Iraqi and... Continue Reading →

List of Shabiha and Allied Militants Posing as Refugees in Europe

Note: This list is constantly being added to and updated; so far I have only categorised a fraction of the shabiha in Europe. During the refugee crisis, we have heard many baseless scare-stories about Da'esh (ISIS) members supposedly infiltrating Europe... Continue Reading →

We Need to Stop Giving Da’esh the Attention it Craves

Several days ago, a brutal execution video was put out by Da’esh. Or the “Islamic State” as we’re so urgently reminded by media outlets (as if there’s anything Islamic about their behaviour). Many of their videos have been depraved, but... Continue Reading →

Assad’s Genocide Gets As Much Attention as the Hama Massacre Did – In the Digital Age

From the 10th-13th of April, a new wave of barrel bombs struck liberated areas of Aleppo. Bombs rained down on Bustan al-Qasr, Masaqin Hanano and Al-Maa’di. Worse, one of the targets was Saad Ansari school for children. 13 were killed, as always,... Continue Reading →

(English Translation): Jabhat al-Nusra Fighter’s Account of Clashes with SRF

Recently, Syrian revolutionary factions have launched a sweeping offensive against Assad regime positions in Idlib city, the last remaining large urban bastion of regime control in the province. Jabhat al-Nusra and its affiliates have made some not insignificant gains. However,... Continue Reading →

“The Alawite Tide Has Exploded” – A “Secular” Song For a “Secular” Regime?

When bearing in mind the allegedly "secular" nature of Assad's regime it might be worth bearing in mind that the regime has utilised Alawi and Shi'a sectarianism for decades. Assad's own family hails from the Alawite sect, in an attempt... Continue Reading →

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