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Analyst & writer, formerly filming in Syria in 2013. My primary focus is on the Middle East, with an emphasis on Syria, Iraq and Iran. I also conduct research into war criminals fleeing the conflict into Europe.



From Mosul to Aleppo

The battle for Mosul is in full swing. The Iraqi Golden Division, Kurdish Peshmerga and other forces are engaging with Da'esh across the outskirts of the city. Mosul is a tough nut to crack. Da'esh has been preparing for some... Continue Reading →

Syria’s Enemies Are No Longer Hidden, Internal Or External

  It's safe to say that Syria's revolution has seen setbacks on the battlefield of late. A promising opposition offensive into Aleppo in August ended with the regime's siege of the city of several hundred thousand being broken by opposition... Continue Reading →

Bombs Are “Civilised”, But Knives Are Barbaric?

At least 212 Syrian civilians were killed in bombings by the US coalition in the Tokhar area of Manbij on Tuesday. Manbij is the scene of fierce fighting between Da'esh and the PKK's YPG offshoot and allies in the SDF ("Syria... Continue Reading →

The Chameleons of Rojava

The recent exploitation of the collapse of the rebel front line in Aleppo by the PYD's armed wing (YPG) and its allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces took some observers by surprise. Having been praised by many (including Syrian revolution supporters) for... Continue Reading →

Assad’s Genocide Gets As Much Attention as the Hama Massacre Did – In the Digital Age

From the 10th-13th of April, a new wave of barrel bombs struck liberated areas of Aleppo. Bombs rained down on Bustan al-Qasr, Masaqin Hanano and Al-Maa’di. Worse, one of the targets was Saad Ansari school for children. 13 were killed, as always,... Continue Reading →

Notable Syrian Activsts Surrender to the Regime in a “Deal”

This post was directly put out via Qusai Zakarya's managers at his Facebook page, blog, etc. Qusai, alongside other notable activists, has turned himself in to the Assad regime, a selfless act in an attempt to save the lives of the starving people... Continue Reading →

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