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Analyst & writer, formerly filming in Syria in 2013. My primary focus is on the Middle East, with an emphasis on Syria, Iraq and Iran. I also conduct research into war criminals fleeing the conflict into Europe.

Khamenei’s Men in Palestine

The inception of the Iranian nuclear deal has given Tehran new life, and a fresh opportunity to branch out across the Middle East. Already running what remains of Souria al-Assad through Revolutionary Guard commanders and a patchwork of Iraqi and... Continue Reading → Bases An Article On My Work

Turkish news outlet published an article on January 19th 2016, entitled "Assad's Shabiha: What Are They Doing In Germany?" In the article they covered several suspects that appear in my archive - from Mezze Hospital 606 guard Muhamed Ahmed... Continue Reading →

Germany’s RTL Network Confronts Shabiha With Evidence From My Site

Using print-outs from my website, RTL (one of Europe's largest news outlets) confronted shabiha members about why they're in Germany. Avo Khorozian and Muhamed Ahmed Tafankji (both featured on my website) are among them. Muhamed is living in Muhamed Patrick Henry Village... Continue Reading →

No, Syria’s Rebels Do Not Sympathise With Da’esh

The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics recently published a report in which it claimed that 60% of anti-regime fighters in Syria sympathise with Da'esh. The report claimed that 15 militias (containing 65,000 fighters) would "fill the gap" if the Assad regime was... Continue Reading →

Abuses Against Refugees, Journalists in Hatay Increase Dramatically

Some names are hidden until further notice, to protect the identity of those involved. On October 28th 2015 I was arrested in Turkey's Hatay Province by the Jendarma. I was working there as the English language spokesman of the Salam (Peace)... Continue Reading →

List of Shabiha and Allied Militants Posing as Refugees in Europe

Note: This list is constantly being added to and updated; so far I have only categorised a fraction of the shabiha in Europe. During the refugee crisis, we have heard many baseless scare-stories about Da'esh (ISIS) members supposedly infiltrating Europe... Continue Reading →

Al-Nusra Are (Probably) Here To Stay, But Must Drop The Al-Qaeda Label

When Jabhat al-Nusra  announced its formation on January 23rd 2012, little was thought of it. Indeed, I recall Syrians commenting on the Guardian's Live Blog (which covered the anti-regime uprising in detail) stating that they thought the organisation was a regime operation... Continue Reading →

We Need to Stop Giving Da’esh the Attention it Craves

Several days ago, a brutal execution video was put out by Da’esh. Or the “Islamic State” as we’re so urgently reminded by media outlets (as if there’s anything Islamic about their behaviour). Many of their videos have been depraved, but... Continue Reading →

Da’esh Hysteria: Repackaging Khamenei’s Terrorists As Heroes

Swaggering across the desert, effortlessly cradling an axe in one hand and a rifle in the other, Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie, AKA "Abu Azrael" ("Father of the Angel of Death") cuts a dashing if not distinctive figure. As commander of the... Continue Reading →

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