My journey into journalism really began in 2011, when I began to comment on ongoing world events via the college computers during my class breaks. My focus was on the Libyan and Syrian revolutions. I started a small blog for commentary and occasional articles. In 2012 I joined Radio Free Syria as a writer and became involved in Syrian activism and journalism circles.

In 2013 I finally worked in Syria as a correspondent for the group, filming a short documentary on the anti-Assad uprising. In 2014 I left Radio Free Syria and became an independent writer and journalist. By October 2015 I was working in Turkey as an English language spokesman for the Salam Organisation (which assists Syrian refugees). I was subsequently deported from the country by the Turkish police, but my efforts to write about ongoing events haven’t stopped. I continue to write articles and opinion pieces, as well as attempting to translate tweets and sources from Arabic into English.

It was in 2015 that I embarked on my most ambitious project to date – discovering information on, and writing about, the huge number of Assad regime (and aligned) war criminals and suspected militants that have flooded into Europe under the guise of “refugees”. I built up a sizeable archive based on human intelligence and social media research. The project has been a success, drawing the attention of the media to this important issue. I have also begun devoting some attention to American politics (especially in regard to Donald Trump) and will continue to do so.

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