Steve Bannon’s host of online trolls and white supremacists (collectively known as the “alt-right) aren’t known for having particularly savoury views on minorities and foreigners, especially not Muslims. Islam features prominently in their frequent diatribes against “enemies”. But first, some history. The term “alt-right” (AKA alternative right-wing) was in fact put into use by their chief ideologue Richard Spencer so as to rehabilitate white supremacism. “Nazi” doesn’t sell these days. “Alt-right”? That sounds respectful. The “alt” makes it sound like some sort of fashionable alternative to the mainstream (and given increasingly anti-establishment feeling in America, this approach sells) while the link to the “right” makes it sound like an extension of good-old American conservatism. In fact, Spencer wants “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of non-whites.

Some people seem almost perplexed at the vehemency of the hatred the alt-right has shown for anyone who isn’t white or vehemently chauvinistic like themselves. Conservative journalist Ian Tuttle even penned a piece on the ideological rubbish the alt-right has dredged up to justify its positions. In it, he stated:

“It’s simply nonsense to suggest that American conservatism was willfully complicit in the rise of the identity-politics Left, or that conservatives have wholly forsaken their commitment to constitutional, and generally Judeo-Christian, values. For decades, conservatives have fought against racial favoritism, against the normalization of sexual perversion, against the “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Western Civ has got to go!” ethos that animates so much of progressivism.”

He’s either naive or being disingenuous. I’m sure it’s the latter.

Various souls on the left and right are making the exact same mistake they made with Donald Trump – acting as if the bigotry, racism and nostalgia for imperialism was somehow spawned from nowhere, completely ignoring the fact that the undertone of the US Republican Party (and mainstream US right-wing thought at large) has been racism, imperialism and supremacism for quite some time. Republican party leaders and their supporters switched “Muslim” for “terrorist”, portrayed practising Muslims as “radicals” (AKA those that don’t water down their faith to appease its haters) and refugees as “ISIS sleeper cells”.

Bombing Muslim countries and killing civilians was (and still is) justified by the “surgical strike”, invading and destroying Muslim nations as “restoring stability to the region” or “fighting terrorism”. Murder and colonialism behind finely-worded speeches.

The Republican bigwigs assumed they could give their hatred a respectable veneer by (barely) disguising it behind such buzzwords. They never once thought that their incitement and chauvinism would spark open Nazism that would sweep them away into irrelevance – as the “Trump train” did in 2015. Cruz, Santorum, Romney and more thought they could harness xenophobia to consolidate their grip on power and propel them into the oval office, only for Trump to give them a rude awakening. Old-time Republicans like Mccain, Graham, Gingrich and others have now been destroyed by the same populism they tried to harness. Having incited the masses with subtle fascism, the masses weren’t going to be satiated until that fascism became full-blown. Bigots either go “big league” or go home.

If mainstream Republican rhetoric wasn’t enough for people to see the rise of the alt-right coming, they should at least have looked at the white nationalist lunatic fringe that spawned it and expected a spin-off community to be no less hateful. One of the demagogic linchpins of the alt-right is neo-Nazi David Duke, who once celebrated Hitler’s birthday with cakes (and paraded in a Nazi uniform on campus). There can be no doubt that Duke is a charismatic man; his soft-spoken yet determined tone could easily come across as disarming and persuasive to the well-meaning viewer of his many YouTube videos (in which he often plays on the heartstrings of the supporters of the Palestinian cause to gain a wider circulation).

Duke set the stage for the white nationalists to rehabilitate themselves, taking off the white hoods and swapping them for business suits, taking the cross-burning parade and turning it into the meeting hall. Duke urged his fellows to “get out of the cow pasture and into hotel meeting rooms”. In 2005 he organised a gathering of “European Nationalists” which endorsed the following platform:

1. Zero tolerance for violence.
2. Honorable and ethical behavior in relations with other signatory groups. This includes not denouncing others who have signed this protocol. In other words, no enemies on the right.
3. Maintaining a high tone in our arguments and public presentations.

The error of racial slurs and Nazi salutes was – ostensibly – over. In actuality, it was perfectly fine to use such approaches – just not in public where detractors could see them (as Richard Spencer found out in November). The re-branding began in earnest, and began long before the rise of Trump. The alt-right (“our people“, in Duke’s words) was a cynical way to refurbish and mainstream white supremacism. With the rise of Steve Bannon as Trump’s right-hand man, the alt-right literally has one of their own co-leading one of the world’s biggest superpowers (CENTCOM even posted a link to a Breitbart article). The strategy worked brilliantly. Richard Spencer’s types claim to promote “white racial consciousness”, yet we never get to know what this “consciousness” means. All we see is vitriol directed against anyone that’s different.

Left: David Duke at a KKK rally. Right: Duke (in Nazi regalia) demonstrates calling for the gassing of anti-Vietnam war activists.

The alt-right claims it stands for the restoration of western “Judeo-Christian” values and against secularism and hedonism, seeks to abolish the recent trends of amorality (namely LGBT/SJW culture), restore family values and reinvigorate “European” communities with a sense of honour, militarism and value – which makes their hatred for Islam all the more inexplicable. If they truly wanted to become part of a system that actually practices these values, they would know that Islam, and not cognitive science or racially-based apocalyptic fearmongering, gives humanity all of this and more.

Islam is inherently opposed to secularism. Humanity was created to worship God, not to nihilistically wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, go out & get drunk, sleep and repeat. Without faith, the purpose of a human being ceases to be. That’s why secularism and Islam cannot be compatible. God is the most important thing in the life of anyone with faith, so how can you delete God from the government, the highest institution of the land, which rules over millions? Islamic shari’ah is the definition of the rejection of secularism – it calls for a government that enjoins good (worship in all its forms) and forbids evil – such as stealing, murder, adultery, sodomy etc. These are the very problems shredding western society that the alt-right claim to compare about, yet they somehow believe that a system of shari’ah which guards the rights of man and protects them from this rot is something to resist, something that belongs in the “stone age”?

Talking of “Christian values”, when was Mary, the mother of Jesus (PBuH) ever portrayed without her hijab in any renditions of her image in church? Not that this stops the alt-right from spitting poison at Muslim women for dressing modestly. Nor do some of them seem to realise the fact that, according to “Jewish values”, Jesus (PbuH) is burning in hell forever and was a bastard child?

This is to say nothing of honour; do they not realise that one of the key principles of Islam is fighting in the cause of God (jihad), to defend the religion, spread it throughout the world and protect your family, rights and property? They bemoan the effeminate American and European youth of today for its indifference, laziness, lack of ideals and flabbiness, yet still claim that Islam is their enemy, the faith that has made it obligatory for its believers to fight in defence of their faith and their honour, giving their lives if necessary?

Their solution? Christianity. Going back to “Christian values”.

Please. Christianity was secularised into a meaningless husk by the globalist monoculture long ago. Its members are increasingly pro-LGBT (they clearly haven’t read the bible very much) and pick and choose from their faith depending on their whims and desires. Anyone can be a “Christian”, no matter how selective he is, provided he has a little cross hung round his neck. When you point out their hypocrisy, they tell you that part x of the bible was only relevant to the time it originates from. They claim to believe that the bible is the “word of God”, yet routinely slander the “word of God” and call it backward as soon as it suits their world view. This hedonist rot has seeped from the faithful into the institutions of the church themselves, and vice versa.

The sodomite-loving pope in charge of the Catholic church should have been a wake-up call if ever there was one. He recently came out and told his following that God is not “able to do everything”. He literally denied the omnipotence of God to please the worshippers of science, those who treat religion as fallacy and scientific theory as the infinite truth (despite its constantly evolving and changing nature). How much more open blasphemy can the “Christians” take? Is this meaningless, crusty mummy of a religion what’s going to bring “white culture” to the apex of glory?

You’re not going to rejuvenate western society with the crusty, emaciated mummy that is today’s “Christianity”. The alt-right’s hatred of Islam is made all the more illogical by the fact that they champion family values – Islam forbids fornication and any form of inappropriate contact outside of marriage (and a quick look at its results in the west will show you why), enjoins children to obey their parents and speak to them in an honourable tone, and protects and enshrines the inheritance shares for relatives of the deceased in set amounts to ensure that everyone is dealt with justly. A man obeys the ruler of the country, a woman obeys her husband, children obey their parents… These is just to name a few things. This is the nucleus of a strong society, and of the Muslim empires of old that took their people to the apex of honour.

They complain about the “cucks” of today, yet totally ignore that a huge concept in the Islamic religion is gheerah – protective jealousy. That is, having a positive sense of jealousy for your daughters, sisters, mothers etc (and all believing women) and wanting to protect them from harm and harassment, both by stopping them doing anything harmful (free mixing, fornicating, flirting etc) and by fiercely driving off any danger (such as a man with bad intentions). Contrast that with the way Christian fathers today allow their daughters to dress scantily, have boyfriends, drink in clubs and fornicate. Who are the cucks here?

Cognitive science cannot reinvigorate faith, bigotry cannot return a society awash with amorality to paternalism and family values, and trying to work within a democratic system to abolish that very same system of institutionalised corruption and greed certainly isn’t going to undo democracy. Everyone who “works within the system” tends to end up as part of that system, or screwed over. Alt-right Trump supporters thought they were voting for someone who shared their world view. They’ve begun to turn against him now they’ve understood that he’s carried on more of the same policies, which have included giving extensive powers to his Jewish son-in-law (despite his lack of experience) and paying historically high levels of deference to Israel.

I call on members of the alt-right to accept Islam and reject bigotry. Because there is no honour or power but from God – from Allah. Your frantic struggle to better your societies through hatred cannot hope to defeat hedonism and reawaken the youth by invoking Hitler’s failed experiment. Join us, we understand your despair. The Muslim world is in crisis. David Duke won’t tell you this, but it isn’t due to some inherent problem with Islam. It’s because the Muslim world has abandoned Islam and let puppet regimes backed by our enemies take over, allowed foreign military crusades and offered little resistance to the globalist monoculture laying waste to cultures worldwide. But we will return to our religion and remain resistant; shar’iah will be re-established. The winning side couldn’t be clearer. Numbers and resources don’t win a battle, the strength of the ideal decides the outcome. Our enemies have nothing to stand on but decay. We have Allah’s promise, and we don’t compromise our faith for worldly gain.

This article originally appeared in the al-Munasarah news outlet.