List of Shabiha and Allied Militants Posing as Refugees in Europe

Note: This list is constantly being added to and updated; so far I have only categorised a fraction of the shabiha in Europe.

During the refugee crisis, we have heard many baseless scare-stories about Da’esh members supposedly infiltrating Europe under the guise of refugees.

Some were outright lies (one originated from the made-up figures of an Islamophobic Lebanese official) some were sensationalised quotes from dubious sources parroted by outlets like the Daily Mail (which once supported the British fascists) or a combination of several.

The truth is that there is no large scale influx of Da’esh fighters hiding as defenceless men, women and children. Because that’s all the vast majority of these refugees are.

However is that there is a huge influx of pro-regime militants (known as shabiha) into European states. Having participated in the genocidal fight to save the Assad regime, many have since decided that mass killing isn’t as fun as they thought (or the pleasure has worn off) and decided to seek refuge elsewhere.

Worryingly, this also raises the possibility that some of them were deliberately sent by the regime as agents in order to hunt down refugees or stage false flag terror attacks in Europe (the regime has an active relationship with terror groups that it uses to gain support abroad). The regime did, after all, threaten to send suicide bombers to Europe.

Here are some of the names of the suspects. Information has been taken from their own social media accounts as well as from my own research and tip-offs given to me from Syrians. The list is in English and Arabic. Please inform me of any mistakes.

Avo Khorozian 3
Avo holds a Uzi (via Facebook)

Name: Avo ‘Abu Kevo’ Khorozian (ايفو “ابو كفو” خورزيان)

Age: 23

From: Suleimaniyah, Aleppo, Syria

Current location: Belzig, Germany

Avo is a Syrian-Armenian Christian from Aleppo, who was in the ranks of the regime shabiha. While in Syria he uploaded photographs with weapons and promised massacres against Assad’s opponents.

Avo was close to two LA gangsters of Armenian-Syrian origin, deported from the US (Nerses Kilajyan and Saro Madarian). “Wino” (Nerses) bragged of torturing prisoners to death on his deleted Facebook account. He was later killed around August 18th 2015.

Avo Khorozian
Avo with Nerses and Saro.

Avo may have been affiliated with Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade), a pro-regime Palestinian militia force which several friends belong to. His friend Baghdig was killed fighting for the group in April 2014 and was celebrated as a martyr on pro-regime social media accounts.

On July 2nd, Avo listed himself as having travelled into the Diyarbakir region of Turkey from Syria. On July 24th, he uploaded a photograph of himself in Regensburg. Subsequent photographs followed and he identified himself as living in Berlin.


After exposure of his profile, he deleted it. On December 10th, he discreetly created another Facebook profile (see above) on which he listed himself as living in Belzig, having attained refugee status there. In January RTL news confronted Avo using evidence directly taken from my website. After the confrontation, Avo once again vanished from Facebook. He claims he never fought in the war and that he was targeted because he is a Christian (and not because of his uploads and vows to massacre people that he posted online).

الإسم: ايفو “ابو كفو” خورزيان
المكان والمهنة السابقة: السليمانية، حلب، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي: برلين، بلسيغ، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

محمد الخيمي 2
Source: Facebook

Name: Mohamad Alkeame (Pronouned Mohamad al-Kheime) (محمد الخيمي)

Age: Unknown

From: Amara, Damascus, Syria

Current location: The Ruhr, Germany

Mohamad is from al-Amara, a neighbourhood in the heart of old Damascus. Kheimi is very young, probably too young to have been in the army. His partial civilian attire shows that he was in the highly-sectarian pro-regime National Defence Force militia (predominantly Alawite). On social media he is alleged to be wanted for murder and theft – pictures of him with corpses of his victims supposedly exist. Keame is now living in the Ruhr area with his family and is living under the name “Mohammad Alkhiami”.

الإسم: محمد الخيمي
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : العمارة، دمشق، شبيح (يمكن قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

يذكر ان الشبيح محمد الخيمي كان قد اخبر السلطات انه مدني وغير مسلح ولم يتورط بالحرب الدائرة في بلاده

Name: Wael Nasr (وائل نصر)

Age: 27(?)

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

From: Al-Sweida, Syria

Current location: Germany (town/city unknown)

Wael is from Sweida in southern Syria, and is presumably part of the Druze minority. Although the Druze have preferred to take a neutral line in the conflict, although some have taken up arms on the side of the regime. Since most Druze fighters are in the regime’s National Defence Forces (NDF) it’s possible that he served in either the army or the NDF.

Wael is currently residing in Germany somewhere, and seems to have removed his Facebook account to keep a low profile.

الإسم : وئيل نصر
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : لسويداء، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي : ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Laith Ayman Munshdi
Source: Facebook

Name: Layth Ayman Munshdi (ليث ايمن منشدي)

From: Syria (unknown)

Current location: Damascus

Layth calls himself Syrian, despite the fact that his parents are from Lebanon and Iraq. He joined the pro-regime Shi’a militias and took part in the fighting for several years. He uploaded photographs showing himself trampling on dead bodies of Sunni men, at least some of whom seem to have been summarily executed.

Layth (or “Layth Syr” as he called himself on Facebook) turned up in the German town of Neustandt (Bremen) calling himself a “Syrian refugee”. He remained there for several months, until Syrian Facebook pages discovered his photos and thousands of people shared them in a fury. Layth then closed his Facebook account, and rumours swirled that he had fled to the UK or elsewhere on a fake passport. Some were of the opinion that he was sent as part of a Hezbollah sleeper cell.

Here are two photos from his old profile, on of which shows him travelling through the Greek Islands to Europe.

However, upon cycling through Instagram I caught sight of Layth’s new profile there. After looking through the profile of Jafar Barkouky (former Shi’a militant, now based in Germany) I discovered Layth’s new Facebook account. Layth seems to have panicked after being exposed by Syrians and featured in online news outlets. He has returned to Syria and rejoined the Shi’a militias in Damascus, presumably in order to avoid arrest or possible prosecution.

الإسم: ليث ايمن منشدي
المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي: دمسق
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوس

المجرم ليث ايمن منسدي رجعة من ألمانيا الى الميليشيات الشيعة في دمشق

Before coming to Germany:

After returning to Syria:

Hossam Haj Yassin, contributed to killings and murder
Source: Facebook

Name: Houssam Haj Yassin (حاسم حج يسين)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (unknown)

Current Location: Germany (town/city unknown)

Houssam was seemingly a soldier in the regular Syrian army (SAA) and not shy of showing it on social media. Somehow (presumably through bribery) he managed to leave the Syrian army and was recently spotted in Germany. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, help would be greatly appreciated.

الإسم : حسام حاج ياسين
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : سوريا، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي : ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Once a soldier, now...
Top: Kanaan and Bashar al-Assad. Below left: Kanaan in Syria. Right: Sweden.

Name: Mohammad (Ma’in) Kanaan (محمد معين كنعان)

Age: Unknown

From: Rukn ad-Din, Damascus

Current location: Sweden

Kanaan was a captain in the regime army who once met Assad personally in a propaganda shoot in Douma in January 2015. The fact that he was able to meet the highly-guarded Assad suggests his impeccable loyalty to the regime; his Facebook account is peppered with pro-regime slogans and iconography. His nickname features the slogan used by many Assad supporters, “Souriat al-Assad” (Assad’s Syria). On Facebook he claims to have been educated at Damascus University.

Kanaan made a fortune from selling cars he stole from civilians at his father’s car exhibition in Bab Masala (Damascus). He fought in several battles (in Jobar and Darayya) and is accused of helping to forcibly expel residents of the neighbourhoods, as well as committing summary executions at checkpoints, torturing prisoners and looting homes and shops.

Kanaan is from Rukn ad-Din and arrested many young men there for demonstrating against the government. He later fled to Sweden in mid-2015 after the huge fortune he made from stealing cars at checkpoints and robberies was exposed. Kanaan is now said to be working as an informer for the Assad regime; he writes reports on refugees that are handed over to the Syrian embassy. “These are the scum I have to deal with!” raged Kanaan after his photos were shared by Syrians online.

Muhammad Kanaan 1
Kanaan, shortly before coming to Europe.

He has recognised the social media outrage on his Facebook profile (he removed his photos and changed his name to ‘Dodi MK Kanaan’) and continues to share photographs of himself and his family in Sweden.

الشبيح (محمد معين كنعان) من سكان دمشق ركن الدين شارع برنية, كان يعمل بتجارة السيارات المسروقة في باب مصلى بدمشق العاصمة بمعرض سيارات يملكه والده , شارك بمعارك عدة منها جوبر وداريا, متهم بتهجير الاهالي وسرقة منازل ومحال تجارية وتعذيب للمدنيين, شارك بالاعدامات الميدانية على الحواجز بدمشق و تسبب باعتقال و موت كثير من شباب ركن الدين بتهمة الخروج بالمظاهرات, هرب الى السويد مؤخراً بعد ان كون ثروة كبيرة من بيع السيارات التي سرقها من على الحواجز, ننصح السوريين في السويد بالحذر منه لانه يكتب تقارير عن اللاجئين الذين وصلوا لاوربا و يرسلها للسفارة السورية !

Firas Samour, in Sweden
Source: Facebook

Name: Feras Sammour (فراس سمور)

Age: 28

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Sweden (town/city unknown)

Feras is a Christian, born 24/2/1987. He was a member of the regime shabiha (the National Defence Forces), fleeing to Sweden in 2015. Some Christians like him have sided with the regime, some out of sectarian hatred of the Muslim population. Many sincerely believe the regime and imagine the uprising is some sort of Islamic terrorist plot initiated by Israel.

Feras seems like a typical regime thug; his profile suggests an overt focus on alcohol and good living, as well as his service in the ranks of the regime army in Damascus. Posts expressing hatred of the revolution and the victims of the violence could be seen, as well as photographs of Feras clutching rifles.

He seems to be in a relationship with a Swedish woman named Linn Andersson judging from his Facebook profile, which may make him easier to track.

الإسم : فراس سمور
المكان والمهنة السابقة : دمشق، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي : ألسويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Muhammad Ahmad 2
Muhammad, seemingly in Germany.

Name: Muhammad Rafiq Ahmad (محمدرفيق أحمد)

Age: Unknown

From: al-Qardaha, Syria

Current location: Germany

Ahmad was a member of the regime’s “popular committees” for the al-Bustan region; “popular committees” being a byword for being a member of the early shabiha gangs sent to crush protests with force. An Alawite from the Assad family’s notorious hometown of al-Qardaha, he seems to have fled to Germany. His exact whereabouts are unknown.

الإسم : محمدرفيق أحمد
المكان والمهنة السابقة : القرداحة، شبيح (اللجان الشعبية‎)
مكان التواجد الحالي : ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Muhammad Kojan
Source: Facebook

Name: Muhammad Kowjan (محمد كوجان)

Age: Unknown:

From: Syria (unknown)

Current location: Germany (town/city unknown)

Little is known about Kojan, other than the fact that he served in the regime’s security forces. He was probably part of the NDF or some other pro-government militia.

Kojan is currently living in Germany.
الإسم: محمد كوجان
المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Amer Musleh Samara 1Name: Amer Musleh Samarra (عامر مصلح سمارة)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria

Current location: The Netherlands (town/city unknown)

Amer was a sectarian pro-regime fighter in the NDF. From the Christian minority, his deleted Facebook contains photographs of him in battle gear with his comrades in Syria.

Amer is accused of having committed murder and kidnap in the Al-Dawlyah district of Damascus, the latter in order to extort money from the relatives of his victims (a common practice in pro-regime militias). He then came to the Netherlands, allegedly claiming that he didn’t carry arms. Judging from his Christian faith, he probably also told the government that he was a member of a persecuted minority.

الإسم: عامر مصلح سمارة
المكان والمهنة السابقة : سوريا، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي: دويلعة
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

أفاد ناشطون بوجود الشبيح عامر مصلح سمارة وقد طلب اللجوء الانساني في هولندا كمدي فار من الحرب لم تتلطخ ايديه في الدماء

إلا ان نهم بثو صوراً تثبت عكس ما ادعاه حيث بينو انه كان يقوم بالتشبيح في منطقة الدويلعة بدمشق وقام بقتل العديد من المدنيين العزل كما وكان له نشاطات خطف مدنيين مقابل فدية مادية يطلبها من ذوي الضحايا .

Name: Saro “Creeper” Madarian (صارو “كريبر” مداريان)

Age: Unknown

From: Aleppo, Syria and Los Angeles, California

Current Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Saro in Aleppo (source: Facebook)
Saro in Aleppo (source: Facebook)

Saro is the one surviving Armenian of the two from LA (originally from Aleppo) who came to the US as children from Syria. He was reportedly deported back there in 2010 for various offenses, with his friend Nerses (“Wino”) following in 2012. Both Syrian-Armenians joined the pro government forces; in February 2014 he was wounded in a battle.

A month later, he and Nerses became notorious all over the internet for uploading a video showing themselves firing badly-aimed rifles at “enemigos”, and using explicit language and gang slogans in fluent English in the middle of Syria. Their partial military attire and lack of skill implied they were in the NDF, although Nerses claimed to be in the “army”.

At some point, Saro left Syria and (according to his Facebook page) is currently living in Yerevan, Armenia.

الإسم: صارو “كريبر” مداريان
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : حلب، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: يفران، الارمنية
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Wael Samara, on the way to Europe 4Name: Wael Samarra (وائل سمارة)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current Location: Sweden (town/city unknown)

Wael is a pro-regime fighter from the Syrian army. Like Kanaan, his nickname on Facebook is also “Souriat al-Assad”.

Wael has reached Sweden, according to photographs published on his Facebook page. His Syrian army service was still in full swing months before he arrived as a “refugee”. His profile and cover photographs still show him clad in battle gear.

الإسم: وائل سمارة
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : ديمشق، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Name: Abdullah Hawash (عبد الله حواش)

Age: 24

From: Syria (unknown)

Current Location: Berlin

Hawash is a former regime militant in either the Abdullah Hawash 1SAA or the NDF. He recently arrived in Berlin in an attempt to quietly readjust from a life of genocide to a life of luxury.

الإسم: عبد الله حواش
المكان والمهنة السابقة : سوريا، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني)
مكان التواجد الحالي: برلين، مكان التواجد الحالي: برلين، المانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Ibrahim Hussein 2Name: Ibrahim Hussein (ابرهيم حسين)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current Location: Berlin, Germany
During the notorious siege of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp (in
which residents have been relentlessly starved, bombed and shelled) Ibrahim took charge of a checkpoint and carried out bombings and killings against the residents of the camp. Ibrahim was a fighter in the Syrian army (as his high quality battle gear shows) and is part-Palestinian, making his fight against the refugees in the camp even more perverse.

Having had his fun, Ibrahim arrived in Berlin as a “refugee”. His Facebook profile and the allegations against him beg to differ. Ibrahim has become notorious among refugees in Berlin; news of his presence has spread like wildfire on social media.

الاسم ابرهيم حسين شبيح ومرتزقة كان يتبع لسرية الموذن علي حاجز مخيم اليرموك وهم مسؤلون عن قصف المخيم وقنصه الأن في ألمانيا برلين
Tariq Gharib 2

Name: Tariq Gharib (طريق غريب)

Age: 35-36

From: Homs, Syria

Current Location: Hamburg, Germany

Tariq is from the villages of Homs and was in the regime’s shabiha militias. However he has since relocated to Germany under the guise of a refugee. Any help in tracking him would be greatly appreciated.

الإسم: طريق غريب
المكان والمهنة السابقة : حمص، شبيح
مكان التواجد الحالي: حمبرغ، ألمنيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Ali al-Sa'eedName: Ali Al-Saeed (Ali Al Asdd) (علي السعيد)

Age: Unknown

From: Rukn ad-Din, Syria

Current Location: Austria (town/city unknown)

Ali is a former member of the regime’s forces. Palestinian by heritage (and a devoted Assad loyalist), his Facebook profile is covered with pro-regime propaganda which includes images of him in battle gear. He continues to share pro-regime content.

The caption at the top of his Facebook photo reads: “Listen oh my children. I am Bashar. I am a son of Syria. I am a son of the mountains…” and so on. Ali apparently enjoyed a good life in Syria; drinking, a laptop and computer, social media etc.

Ali is now living somewhere in Austria as a “civilian refugee”.

الإسم: علي السعيد
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : ركن الدين، قوات الدفاع الوطني(؟
مكان التواجد الحالي: النمسا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

مشاركة من احد الشرفاء

الشبيح والعوايني علي السعيد فلسطيني سوري من ركن الدين الشيخ الخالد وهو الان متواجد في النمسا ورح حاول جيب رقم تلفونو هوة وأخواتو معروفين كتير بركن الدين ومسكو خير شباب الحارة وحارات تانية وهوة با النمسا كمان كان يشبح على العالم ويبعت تقارير لا اخواتو يلي بسوريا عن بعض الشباب يلي باروبا ويتم استفزازون لا أنون معارضين

Name: Mohamed Ahmed Tafankji (محمد تفنكجي)1443977650

Age: Unknown

From: Aleppo, Syria

Current Location: Patrick Henry Village, Germany

Tafankji (who calls himself Mohammad Tafnakji on social media) is one of the regime soldiers who appeared in torture photographs from the notorious Hospital 601 (“The Slaughter House”) in Damascus’ Mezze district, close to Assad’s presidential palace. The hospital was a key regime facility at which victims were tortured to death before being wrapped in plastic and burned. He later closed his Facebook account upon being discovered and exposed on social media. Tafankji’s father Ahmed lives and works in Russia.

Tafankji was serving his compulsory military service at the hospital, seemingly helping to catalogue and dispose of the bodies of those horrifically tortured to death. Tafankji even posed for a photograph with his friend Racan al-Sabsabi (also tasked with body disposal) close to the sheds where the bodies were dumped after victims were tortured to death. It would be impossible for Tafankji not to know what was going on; his military service was done inside and outside the hospital. His friend Khaled Hourani also appears in the torture photos, grinning as he bends over the bodies (see below).

Muhamed Tafankji 2

Tafankji and his family were originally reported to be trying to get asylum in the city of Karlsruhe (Germany) in Hermann-leichtlin-strabe camp. The relevant ID of the camp responsible for their asylum papers, according to Zaman al-Wasl, was Durlacher Allee 100 76137 Karlsruhe. Tafankji then settled in Patrick Henry Village, Heidelberg.

Tafankji was recently confronted by a German film crew from RTL. He denied the charges, claiming that he only worked in the cafeteria of the hospital. Which is odd, because he appears in the photographs wearing the same plastic gloves as the other guards who disposed of the corpses in photographs, with the body dumping area visible in the background.

When interviewed for a second time, Tafankji continued to deny the charges against him; defending himself by claiming there are crimes “in every war”.

الإسم: محمد تفنكجي
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : حلب، شبيح (الجيش العربي السوري)
مكان التواجد الحالي: بتريك هنري قرية، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

ألمانيا : ضمن متابعة ملف شبيحة وجنود الأسد المتورطين بجرائم وحشية قاموا بها بحق الشعب السوري , و ضمن هذا السياق ,كانت قد وصلت صور وملفات لشبكة السلطة الرابعة تفيد عن وصول متورطين مع نظام الأسد بجرائم حرب وضد الانسانية إلى الأراضي الألمانية مستغلين موجة اللجوء الكبيرة التي وصلت إلى أوربا بشكل عام وإلى ألمانيا بشكل خاص

Jafar Barkouky 17
Jafar poses with his phone outside a former military barracks converted into refugee housing.

Name: Jafar Anwar Barkouky (جعفر بارقوقي)

Age: 22/23 (born 1993)

From: Damascus, Syria

Current Location: Lüneburg, Germany

Jafar was a member of the Shi’a militia Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya. The group is a spin-off of the Lebanese terrorist organisation Hezbollah, recruiting Syrian Twelver Shi’ites (as opposed to Alawites) to fight for Assad.

It is also close to to the Iraqi Shi’a militia (Iranian proxy group) Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada’, formed in 2013. The goal of the group is ostensibly to defend Shi’ite shrines in Damascus, particularly the shrine of Sayyida Ruqayya (daughter of Imam Hussein). However, true to form, this is just the excuse used for Iran to deploy proxy militias to fight all around Syria, far from any shrines.

Jafar fought for the group in the Damascus suburbs and possibly elsewhere. He served from approximately 2011 or 2012 until 2015. In these campaigns the regime has been surrounding various neighbourhoods and starving them to death as well as attacking them with artillery under the “kneel or starve” policy.

Jafar was also linked to the Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas group, the predominantly-Iraqi unit deployed in Syria. Since Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya was formed around 2013, and the al-Abbas brigade has been in Syria since 2012, it suggests that his earlier service began in the al-Abbas brigade. However propaganda on Liwa al-Sayyia Ruqayya Facebook pages includes members wearing al-Abbas brigade insignia, this implies that Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya overlaps with both Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada’.

Jafar al-Barkoki (Germany) 5

Jafar proudly posed in the destroyed ruins while participating in the destruction, posting the photographs to Facebook. The Liwa al-Sayyid al-Ruqayya logo is clearly on his uniform (see above). A patch on his arm shows the faces of Assad and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and he wears a wristband saying “Syria Al Assad” (“Assad’s Syria”).

Sectarian Shi’ite propaganda is also uploaded onto his latest Facebook account and onto the accounts of his family members; all the Barkouky brothers seem to serve in the regime’s armed forces for sectarian reasons. His brother’s account features the logo of the Badr Organisation and a photograph of Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei. His mother is named Nadia; her account features a compilation of photographs depicting her sons in battle gear.

One relative, Jawad, is even a child soldier, as depicted on his own Facebook profile.

In 2015 Jafar left Syria, proudly posing for selfies on the plane to Europe. He is now in Germany; a number plate on a car identifies him as being in Lüneburg. He claims that he was “studying media” at Damascus University during his time in Syria, neglecting to mention his other activities. A profile picture in which he holds his mobile phone shows he is living in a former barracks which has since been converted into refugee housing.

He continues to post Hezbollah propaganda, but has since realised that he is being followed. He changed his name on Facebook to “Jafar Ali” and either removed many photos or changed the privacy settings. Further information would be greatly appreciated.

الإسم: جعفر باركوكي
المكان والمهنة السابقة: دمشق، ميليشيات الشيعة (لوا السيدة رقية)
مكان التواجد الحالي: لونبرغ، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

نجم الكرادي الزبيدي 2Name: Najem Al-Zubaidi (نجم الكرادي الزبيدي)

Age: Unknown

From: Iraq (unknown)

Current Location: Kramfors, Sweden

Najem was a member of the Iraqi Shi’ite militias and took part in assisting the Assad regime in fighting against opposition forces near Sayyidah Zainab (the Zainab shrine) in Damascus. Affiliated with both Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib and the al-Abbas Brigade, he also fought alongside the militias in Iraq. Najem was wounded around September of 2014. He moved to Sweden as a wounded “refugee”, settling in Kramfors.


Najem continues to live openly in Sweden (as is the case with other Shi’ite militiamen) with little hassle from the Swedish government, despite attending pro-Shi’a militia demonstrations in the country. He even made a trip to London in September 2014, slipping completely under the radar.

(المجرم نجم الزبيدي وكنيته نجم الكرادي من عناصر مليشيات أسد الله الغالب والذي يقتل السوريين والعراقيين هرب ووصل للسويد (كرامفورس

Hilal Ashour 2Name: Hilal Ashour (هلال عاشور)


From: Aleppo

Current Location: Mainz, Bayern, Germany

Hilal is a regime militant who served either in the army or NDF, judging from his military uniform. His uniform bears the “Souria al-Assad” insignia and he proudly poses with it to demonstrate his loyalty to the regime. Hilal is a name often used in Syria’s coastal regions, implying that he is from the Alawite sect.

Hilal moved to the Turkish city of Mersin, then moved to Europe during the refugee crisis. Hilal was able to get to Germany easily, despite the alarm being raised about Hilal’s his presence in Mersin prior to his travel to Europe.

الإسم: حلال عشور
(المكان والمهنة السابقة : حلب، شبيح قوات الدفاع الوطني(؟)
مكان التواجد الحالي: مينز، بيرن، ألمانيا

الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Name: Omar Shamia (عمر شامية)

Omar ShamiaAge: Unknown

From: Zahra, Syria

Current location: Dortmund, Germany

Omar is a regime militant from Al-Zahra Al-Jadeeda in Damascus. His Facebook photographs give the impression that he is a Shi’ite (he has photographs with an idealised portrait of Imam Ali). However his name is curious if so, ‘Omar’ is an unpopular name in the Shi’ite community, given their hatred of Omar Ibn al-Khattab (a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Omar Shamia 3
His father has a barber’s salon behind the al-Mojtahed hospital in Zahra (Damascus) which should hopefully make him much easier to track down.

Omar is reportedly in Dortmund (Germany) having left the regime forces and claiming to be a victim of the violence that he helped to perpetuate.

الإسم: عمر شامية
المكان والمهنة السابقة: الزاهره، شبيح; ممكن الجيش العربي السوري أو قوات الدفاع الوطني، أو ميليشيا الشيعة

مكان التواجد الحالي: دورتموند، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

…متواجد الآن في دورتموند
.يرجى الملاحقة والمتابعة

Mustafa Kharbotli 7Name: Mustafa Kharbotli (مصطفى خربطلي)

Age: Unknown

From: Al-Ashrafiya, Aleppo, Syria

Current Location: Rostock, Germany

Mustafa was a member of the regime forces, seemingly the NDF. Of course he was far from an unwilling conscript judging by his still active Facebook profile which was once covered in photographs of himself in battle gear ( and an abundance of pro-regime propaganda).

Once he uploaded a photograph of himself in uniform and aiming a rifle from a regime military position. His caption read: “Souriat al-Assad w bes”, or “Assad’s Syria and that’s it!”

He uploaded pro-regime propaganda claiming that Muslims and Christians were united for “Assad’s Syria”, photographs of himself drinking in restaurants etc. He lived in regime-held Aleppo and clearly had a comfortable lifestyle. He also posed with his rifle next to a portrait of Bashar.

Mustafa Kharbotli 20

On Facebook he lists himself as having lived in Aleppo since 2012 and having worked as an engineer. He apparently studied at Aleppo University to get his engineering degree.

His caption, typical of many boorish shabiha, reads “I love girl”. His friends are all pro-regime too, one claims to work in the Syrian Electronic Army (which hacks foreign websites for the Syrian government).

Mustafa Kharbotli 13
Mustafa aims a rifle at opposition forces. The caption: “Assad’s Syria and that’s it!”
Mustafa Kharbotli 14
Mustafa poses with a portrait of Assad.

In his October 19th cover photo, Mustafa listed himself as located in Greece as a refugee, having apparently either deserted the regime’s security apparatus (or completed his military service) and left the region in a refugee boat.

Mustafa is now in Germany, living in Rostock. A recent photo was also uploaded in Mönchhagen. Mustafa is currently studying at Hotel- & Wirtschaftsschule Rostock GmbH, a German language school in Rostock. He also spends time at LT Club Rostock, a bar in the city.

To avoid detection he removed previous photos with firearms and changed his Facebook name to “Mustafa KH”. His mobile number is 963 933 466 422.

الإسم: مصطفى خربطلي
المكان والمهنة السابقة: حلب، شبيح؛ ممكن الجيش العربي السوري أو قوات الدفاع
مكان التواجد الحالي: رستوك، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Ahmad al-Shara'aName: Ahmad al-Shara’a (احمد الشرع)

Age: Unknown

From: Basra(?), Iraq

Current Location: Austria

Ahmad was a judge in Basra, the Shi’a-majority city in Iraq which is currently under the control of the Hashd ash-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilisation Forces), the Shi’a militias responsible for many crimes in both Syria and Iraq.

Ahmad was a member of the militias (as his own photographs with an abundance of weaponry show us) and was reportedly involved in murder and assassination against the Sunni population.

Recently he arrived in Europe in an attempt to pose as a refugee, and is reportedly in a refugee camp somewhere in Austria. Help in locating him would be greatly appreciated.

الإسم: احمد الشرع
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: بصره، مقتل و قاضي (حشد الشعبي
مكان التواجد الحالي: النمسا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Name: Alaa Adel Khalil (علاء عادل خليل)

Age: Unknown:Alaa Khalil

From: Qamishli, Syria

Current Location: Aachen, Germany

Alaa is a member of the regime forces from Qamishli (Hasakah province). He is said to have studied at medical school in Russia before being expelled in 2006. He then became a boxer before volunteering for the regime’s “Popular Committees” in 2011 – organised gangs of thugs ( known as shabiha), set loose to kill civilian protesters with guns, knives and brute force.

Alaa’s notorious reputation seems to have impressed his superiors, because he was placed in the Syrian Special Forces (a force composed of elite regime loyalists) and told an associate of mine that he was trained in Russia by the Russian Armed Forces as a skilled sniper.

Since his service in the shabiha only began in 2011 he was apparently promoted to the Special Forces rapidly; by 2012 he was photographed guarding Assad as he gave a speech in Umayyad Square, serving as his bodyguard at least once. Nobody is allowed near Assad without having the utmost confidence of Syria’s secret police, indicating his absolute loyalty to the regime.

Alaa was also linked to the Republican Guard, the almost-exclusively Alawite force composed of regime loyalists and tasked with protecting the leadership; a force which also has its fair share of war crimes allegations.

In fact, Alaa is accused by civilians of being personally behind a slaughter of innocent prisoners at a checkpoint after the regime captured them. It is unclear if he carried out the killings or gave the orders. According to (an Arabic site which dedicates much of its time to exposing fleeing regime war criminals), Khalil arrived in Germany in late-2014, claiming he was a “civilian” who fled the war.

Khalil arrived in Germany and was sent to “Camp Freed” for refugees (I am unclear as to the exact name of the camp, given that it was written in Arabic) for more than a month, then moved to temporary accommodation pending his asylum request.

It was approved, and he moved to Hamburg. Then (possibly due to his exposure online) he shifted to Aachen, where many of his social media accounts were discovered – accounts that he seems to repeatedly delete while trying to evade detection. Alaa is currently studying German in Sparaachen Akademie. When confronted by the father of an associate of mine, Alaa bragged about his service in the special forces and talked of his training in Russia.

Given the fact that he is/was a member of the special forces and close to the president, this raises several worrying questions as to what a man with deep regime ties is doing turning up in Germany while trying to erase himself from the web.

One of his recent Facebook accounts were named Alaa Kh, whereas the last was named Alaa Adel in an effort to avoid being located. His mobile number as of August was +963941110005. A second (and possibly current) number is +9631786148541.

الإسم: علاء الخليل
المكان والمهنة السابقة: القامشلي، اللجان الشعبية، الحرس الجمهوري‎ السوري
و ممكن القوات الخاصة
مكان التواجد الحالي: آخن، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

وصل الشبيح المدعو علاء عادل خليل إلى مدينة كولن في المانيا طالباً اللجوء الإنساني كمدني فر من الحرب

وهو من مواليد مدينة القامشلي – المالكية مقيم في دمشق وقد دخل المانيا في نهاية عام 2014

كان ملاكم في نادي الجلاء ثم بعد ذلك تطوع باللجان الشعبية الملقبة بالشبيحة والمتهمة بجرائم حرب وكن ذلك في مشروع دمر ومرتبطة بالحرس الجمهوري

ويظهر بالزي العسكري في الكثير من الصور التي حصلنا على بعض منها كما ويظهر مع رئيسه بشار في ساحة الأمويين ما يدل أنه كان من الفئة المقربة من النظام

وهناك من يتهمه بأعمال تصفية بحق مدنيين كان قد القى القبض عليهم على أحد الحواجز .

تواجد في كامب فريد لاند لأكثر من شهر وانتقل بعدها فرز مؤقت للبت في قبول طلبه حتى تم الموافقة عليه ومقيم حالياً في مدينة هامبورغ ، وبعد أن تم كشفه غير مكان إقامته فجأة وبعد البحث تبين انه انتقل إلى مدينة آخن ، وبعد فضحه على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي غير العديد من حساباته الشخصية على الفيس بوك الأول يحمل اسم Alaa Kh والاسم الثاني يحمل Alaa Kh أيضاً والاسم الثالث Alaa Adel

يحمل رقم وتس اب +963941110005
ويحمل رقم آخر أيضاً وتس +9631786148541

Sami Jamaali 3Name: Sami Nader Jamali (سامي نادر جمالي)

Age: Unknown:

From: Aleppo, Syria

Current Location: Bollnäs, Sweden

Sami is a member of the Assad regime’s Air Force Intelligence Directorate, the Mukhabarat. Born in Aleppo, Sami served as a sniper in Aleppo Municipal Palace, a tower which has a bird’s-eye view of the city. During that time, activists reported daily sniper fire directed at civilians from snipers in the tower. The Bustan al-Qasr district saw women and children repeatedly shot on purpose by regime snipers. People trying to rescue them would be shot too. 72 snipers operated there, all of them focused on killing civilians.

Bustan al-Qasr is the only crossing point between opposition and regime-held areas of Aleppo. Using the crossing is crucial for civilians in order to buy food (as well as work and study) despite the daily sniper fire that would kill and injure people every day. The problem became so serious that it seems the snipers were often exclusively aiming at children. 30 civilians were killed in a single day in 2013. The crossing became known as the “Crossing of Death” due to the huge number of fatalities there.

Pictures and video footage from Sami’s Facebook account confirm his service as a sniper in the city. The footage shows one of Sami’s friends filming him as he shoots at targets through a window, apparently a window of the Municipal Palace itself. Gunfire can be heard in the background as Sami fires repeatedly, focusing on what seem to be real (civilian) targets. He grins into the camera after shooting for several seconds.

Several witnesses have confirmed that he was one of Aleppo’s most notorious snipers. One told Swedish TV that anyone in Bustan al-Qasr would recognise him, partly because those shooting the civilians would brag about their actions. A photograph from Sami’s Facebook profile shows him dressed in battle gear and posing in front of a picture of Assad.

Later in the war, Sami was accused of working under the direction of the Air Force Intelligence in faking a defection to opposition forces in order to infiltrate them from within. Sami’s “defection” led him to join the ranks of Khaled Hayani’s 16th Division. Although ostensibly a Free Syrian Army unit, the division was actually a criminal gang with ties to the Assad regime. His bogus defection allowed Sami to loot and pillage alongside Hayani. Sami is a good friend of Adib Salameh, the notoriously brutal former head of Aleppo’s Air Force Intelligence branch. Among many tasks that the Aleppo branch performs is the infiltration of resistance networks and armed opposition groups. Only the candidates with the most promising/elite military training and capabilities are accepted into the branch. Sami’s military career and bogus defection fit the patterns and infiltration techniques of the branch perfectly.

During the refugee crisis Sami entered Europe via Egypt (which supports the Assad regime) and was accepted as a refugee. He continues to post selfies and share videos describing Assad’s enemies as “terrorists”. The authorities would do well to check his account; anti-Assad activists believe he went to Sweden in order to perform intelligence work (such as spying on refugees).

Backing up these allegations, one of Sami’s Facebook accounts was drastically edited to include pro-Syrian revolution content (which was then removed) and others were opened under different names. When contacted about the allegations by, Sami responded by denying the charges. He has also been threatening refugees in Sweden with death if they report him. He has also threatened mujremon-linked activists with death. In one incident he messaged a translator under a false name and hurled insults and threats at him, before sharing his photos without permission and wrongfully telling people he had committed suicide.

When confronted, Sami gave conflicting answers to questions about his service. First he denied ever being a sniper and claimed he merely posed for photos with a gun (as many Syrians did). He claimed he left Aleppo before the war started and that he was only shooting the weapon for the video (and not at people). When the gunfire in the background of the video was mentioned, he changed his story once again.

Sami continues to reside in Sweden, completely unmolested by the authorities.

الإسم: سامي نادر جمالي
المكان والمهنة السابقة: حلب، إدارة المخابرات الجوية‎ أو
مكان التواجد الحالي: فسترفك، السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

وصل المدعو سامي نادر جمالي إلى السويد في رحلة طلبه اللجوء التي ذهب فيها إلى مصر ثم إلى السويد طالباً اللجوء الإنساني في السويد كمدني فار من الحرب الدائرة في بلاده

وبالمقابل فقد أكد ناشطون عبر فيديو قامو ببثه وصوراً له إنتمائه إلى فرع المخابرات الجوية بعقد موقع مع الفرع والذي بموجبه كان يعمل كقناص على معبر بستان القصر الإنساني والذي كان مخصص للمدنيين والذي كان يربط بين ماطق النظام والمعارضة في مدينة حلب والذي سجل فيه حالات قنص يومية كانت كلها مصدرها قناص القصر البلدي

ويقول النشطاء أنه ترك النظام لينضم إلى لصوص في الحر مع خالد الحياني ليسرق السوريين تحت غطاء الثورة

ينفي المدعو سامي التهم الموجه إليه وكما قام بتهديد عدد من النشطاء بالقتل إذا هم فتحو هذا الموضوع أو تجرأو على التوجه بشكوى إلى السلطات السويدية وذلك عبر تسجيلات قام بغرسالها للنشطاء القائمين على حملة ملاحقة مجرمي الحرب الفارين

Hussain Ahmed JumaaName: Hussein Ahmad Jomaa (حسين أحمد جمعة)

Age: 19

From: Rukn al-Din, Damascus

Current Location: Germany

Hussein served in the regime’s militias. He was a sectarian Alawite/Shiite fighter; in one photograph he poses with his rifle in a desolate landscape next to a car with an image of Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah’s face on it. The caption talks about his pride in being part of the “family of Ali”.

Hussein is accused of carrying out acts of repression against civilians himself. In one photo he stands with his rifle next to various armed men, allegedly aligned with Hezbollah. In another caption he praises notorious Iraqi militia leader Abu Azrael. He can be easily recognised in many photographs due to his distinctive tattoo sleeve down one arm.

After an unspecified period of time in the militias, Hussein deserted and went to Germany as a “refugee”, documenting his journey (on which he took at least one young child) along the way. He allegedly told the authorities that he was a student and didn’t carry arms, although photographs on his Facebook show that he fought alongside Hezbollah and other pro-regime militias, and there are serious allegations against him.

الزنديق الشبيح (حسين أحمد جمعة) شبيح من شبيحة الاسد الخنازير وكان يشبح في ركن الدين في دمشق هرب الى المانيا

الإسم: حسين أحمد جمعة
المكان والمهنة السابقة: ركن الدين، بدمشق، الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو
قوات الدفاع الوطني‎
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Ali Saleh 1Name: Ali Saleh (علي صالح)

Age: Unknown

From: Lebanon

Current Location: Hengersberg, Germany

Ali is a pro-Assad militant linked to the Amal Movement. He took part in the war on Syria as a volunteer, documenting his time there on social media. In one photograph he carries a rifle and a slogan on his jacket reads “Afwaj al-Muqawamat al-Lubnaniya” which roughly translates as “Lebanese Resistance Detachments”. This militia was the armed wing of the Amal Movement, since disbanded. However it gives us an indication of Ali’s political stance and views; the Amal Movement is a sectarian Shi’ite organisation and elements of the group have supplied fighters to Bashar al-Assad and taken part in atrocities.

Ali Saleh 10.jpg

He heavily documented his time in Syria on his Instagram account and on Facebook, inadvertently providing much of the evidence against himself. His old Instagram caption read: “Even When I am Wrong I am right ♡ #Montana George Wassouf ❤❤ Amal Movemont (sic) ♡ Lebanese”. His nickname is “Aloush”.

He and a friend are pictured riding on an armoured vehicle proudly sporting the Lebanese flag. In  multiple photos he wears a necklace in the shape of Imam Ali’s sword zulfiqar, a symbol frequently invoked by Alawites and Shi’ites in propaganda; his involvement in the war seems to be based primarily on sectarianism. His Facebook account (where he goes by the name of “Ali Chico”) is also cluttered with Shi’a propaganda. His latest profile photo is an idealised image of Imam Ali.

Either way, he is an enthusiastic supporter of the regime. He and his teenage party associates fought alongside Assad’s army in the province of Homs. During that time he is alleged to have been responsible for break-ins and theft, and possibly also murder judging by his photographs. He and a teenage associate pose triumphantly with their rifles over an arrested civilian prisoner in one of his photos. The prisoner has his jacket pulled over his head as the teenagers gloat. His cousin (as seen in a Facebook upload) is a regime militant in Syria who wears a uniform with Assad’s face sewn onto one of the patches. Thus Ali is probably of Syrian Alawite heritage.

Ali Saleh 9

Ali recently turned up in Deggendorf and is claiming to be a “Syrian refugee”; the fact that he isn’t from Syria and was a member of an armed group responsible for war crimes seems to have escaped the authorities.

Ali seems to be worried however; after news of his exposure reached him he attempted to join a Syrian Facebook group dedicated to exposing pro-regime militants in Europe (see above). Ali is currently studying at THD – Technische Hochschule Deggendorf as part of his university education, having previously studied at Comenius-Gymnasium Deggendorf (which he lists as his high school). He claims to be living in Hengersberg and to be engaged; if this engagement is to a German girl (who presumably has no idea about his past) is unknown.

المجرم علي صالح
من مليشيات حزب البناني شارك بل كثير من عمليات الاقتحام مع جيش نظام مجرم وخصوصا في محافظة حمص
متواجد في ألمانيا (Hengersberg)  من مقاطعات ميونيخ
للنشر والمشاركه

Jaafar Khairallah 35 (June)Name: Jaafar Khairallah (جعفر خيرالله)

Age: 20

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Beirut, Lebanon

Jaafar fought with the NDF in Damscus. Although he identified himself as being from Damascus on Facebook, on he identified himself as from Lebanon (although some Syrians have parents from both countries). He claims to have lived in Beirut as well as Damascus.

For months he uploaded images of himself at the front with firearms. A Twelver Shi’ite; his account on Facebook is full of sectarian propaganda, from men with tattoos of idealised portraits of Imam Ali, to images of Hezbollah fighters and Hassan Nasrallah.

Jaafar Khairallah 27.jpg

Around April of 2015 Jaafar left Syria and began a trip to Europe over the course of what seemed to be a number of weeks, posting selfies every now and then as he went on his way. One picture with an African migrant in transit.

Before long he was posting selfies from Europe; in a car park, looking at women in the streets, standing in a neighbourhood… On Facebook he claimed to be living in Frankfurt, Germany. He continued to upload photographs of himself from his military days, as well as posts mocking enemies of Assad. In order to get asylum, he omitted telling authorities about military days.

After recent exposure online, Jaafar deleted his social media posts depicting him with weapons and removed some propaganda posts. He then shifted his location to Hamburg. However, his asylum request seems to have been subsequently declined as a result of his carless online postings. Jaafar then returned to the Middle East, briefly visiting Damascus to see friends. He now lives in Beirut.

الإسم: جعفر خيرالله
المكان والمهنة السابقة: دمشق،
مكان التواجد الحالي: هامبورغ، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Alaa Ahmad 1Name: Alaa al-Ahmed (علاء الأحمد)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Rostock refugee camp, Germany

Alaa was seemingly a senior member of the Assad regime’s National Defence Forces; an Alawite sectarian militia trained up by Iran and responsible for various atrocities.

Alaa served in Damascus, carrying out atrocities (including mass arrests of “most of” the anti-regime activists according to one allegation) and proudly documenting his work on Facebook. He stamps on the Syrian flag and uses it as a doormat, poses with Assad’s flag, and names himself “Abu Hafez” on his account.

Regime supporters often shout “Abu Hafez!” (Father of Hafez) in support of Bashar al-Assad, since his eldest son Hafez is expected by regime supporters to take the throne after him.

Alaa recently quit the NDF and fled to Germany; he is currently in Rostock refugee camp and awaiting a decision on his asylum request.

الإسم: علاء الأحمد
المكان والمهنة السابقة: دمشق، قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: رستوك، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح القذر علاء الأحمد من مدينة دمشق من عناصر الدفاع الوطني مسؤول عن اغلب عمليات الاعتقالات بحق الناشطين موجود الآن في المانيا كامب رستوك يرجى النشر والتعميم ياأحرار

Mohammed al-Abdullah 1.jpgName: Mohammed Al-Abdullah/Mohamad Abdullah (محمد العبد الله)

Age: Unknown

From: Tartous, Syria

Current Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Mohammed/Mohamad (different spellings of his name are given) was a fighter in the Assad regime’s army; an Alawite from Tartous, his nickname is Abu al-Haydarian – a sectarian nickname, since most Shiites revere Imam Ali and refer to him as ‘Haydar’ (which can mean “lion”, among other things).

Mohammed is said to have relished in chopping up and dismembering the bodies of opponents; civilians especially. In one photo he stamps on the bodies of civilians massacred by the regime with relish. He then uploaded it onto his Facebook account.

Mohammed arrived in Sweden in 2015 and settled in Stockholm. However the images he had uploaded to Facebook were his undoing. After being exposed by one of my articles on the refugee crisis (and countless posts by refugees) Mohammed was arrested and charged with war crimes. However, he was subsequently released due to a “lack of witnesses”.

الإسم: محمد العبد الله
المكان والمهنة السابقة: طرطوس، الجيش العربي السوري أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: ستوكهولم فلنغبي(؟)، السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

أكد نشطاء بصور عرضوها وصول الشبيح محمد العبد الله الملقب بابو الحيدرين إلى السويد وطلبه اللجوء الانساني كمدني فار من الحرب وهو القاتل من طرطوس الذي كان يتلذذ بقتل المدنيين والتمثيل بجثثهم

وأفاد النشطاء أنه إلى اليوم يقوم بأبتزاز السوريين وسب نقودهم بتهديدهم بذويهم في سوريا

وهو متواجد اليوم في ستوكهولم .

لا تكن شريكا بالصمت

Mazen Doufsh 1Name: Mazen Dofsh (مازن دوفش)

Age: Unknown

From: Al-Wan, Kafr Sousa, Damascus

Current location: Mannheim, Germany

Mazen fought for Assad in either the regime’s army (Syrian Arab Army) or paramilitary National Defence Forces.

From al-Wan neighbourhood in Kafr Sousa (Damascus), Mazen operated near the Kafr Sousa poolside kindergarten and is accused by locals of helping to arrest the people of the region, as well as of murdering civilians and stealing their belongings. His service is proven by photographs uploaded to his personal Facebook account.

Mazen’s cousin was even photographed alongside Assad’s wife Asma al-Assad. Considering the fact that nobody is allowed to get anywhere near the Assad family without being utterly loyal and having been vetted by the dreaded secret police (the Mukhabarat), this is a good indication of his family’s absolute loyalty to the regime.

Mazen Doufsh 9
Help in determining the location of this photograph would be appreciated.

Mazen recently travelled to Germany and is living in Mannheim. He has since been living a life of clubbing, having lied to the authorities in the obligatory questioning which is crucial to his his refugee status (he denied having been a member of any armed group).

Ayham Dufsh
Aeman Dufsh with Asma al-Assad.

His cousin Aeman is soon planning to travel to Germany too. I hope this abuse of German’s hospitality towards oppressed people will be foiled by the exposure of the two.

الإسم: مازن دوفش
المكان والمهنة السابقة: حارة اللوان، كفر سوسة، دمشق، الجيش العربي السوري أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: منهايم، ألمانية
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوس
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح المدعو مازن دوفش إلى المانيا طالباً اللجوء الإنساني كمدني فار من الحرب

وهو من سكان حارة اللوان في كفر سوسة جانب مسبح الروضة واتهمه نشطاء بأنه ساهم بإعتقال مدنيين من أهل المنطقة

ويتهمه البعض بتصفية البعض وسرقة اموالهم ومقتنياتهم

وهو أبن عم الشبيح ايمن دوفش والذي لازال يمارس تشبيحه في المنطقة وهو الذي يظهر مع اسماء الاسد في إحدى الصور

Mohammed Qalaab 4Name: Mohammed Qalaab (محمد قلاب)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (unknown)

Current Location: Germany (unknown)

Mohammed was part of the Ba’ath Brigades; the unit is the official military wing of Syria’s ruling Ba’ath party, a volunteer unit that only the most loyal and fanatical disciples of Assad are allowed to join. The unit is trained by the notorious all-Alawite Al-Haares al-Jamahouriyyye (Republican Guard) which is no stranger to atrocities.

The unit is responsible for atrocities and killings (a commander bragged about burning a man alive, proudly displaying it on his mobile) and Mohammed is accused of taking part in those killings; civilians accuse him of participating in theft and murder, as well as expelling civilians from their homes.

Mohammed Qalaab 1.jpg

Mohammed uploaded many photographs of his service to Facebook; proudly posing with Assad’s portrait and in his military uniform alongside friends. Once he took part in a Ba’ath party ceremony in which he even raised the regime flag.

He has since fled to Germany, and denies all the charges against him. He told the authorities that he is a civilian “refugee” and never carried a weapon. Help in finding his precise location would be immensely appreciated.

الإسم: محمد قلاب
المكان والمهنة السابقة: حلب، كتائب البعث
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Rami Zyaada 1.jpgName: Rami Zyada (رامي زيادة)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (unknown)

Current Location: Germany (unknown)

Rami served in the armed forces of the regime before arriving in Germany in 2015. His time in the regime army is supported by numerous photographs he uploaded to his Facebook profile.

He told the German authorities that he was always a civilian and didn’t carry weapons – an offence, taking into account the fact that his claim of being a refugee is invalidated by participation in civilian suffering and military operations.

الإسم: رامي زيادة
المكان والمهنة السابقة: سؤريا، الجيش العربي السوري أو قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح رامي زيادة وصل إلى المانيا طالباً اللجوء كمدني فر من الحرب ويدعي انه لم يحمل السلاح

وقد افاد نشطاء أنه شارك بعمليات قتل وسرقة وتهجير الناس وصل حديثاً إلى ألمانيا

Tamer al-Dahan 4Name: Tamer al-Dahan (تامر الدهن)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (unknown)

Current Location: Dortmond, Germany

Tamer was a militant in the paramilitary National Defence Forces; a semi-permanent armed force set up by Iran to aid the Syrian regime, composed primarily of volunteers from minority groups. The NDF is allowed to loot, kill and pillage as it pleases, making its name in Baniyas in 2013.

Tamer is accused of being responsible for arresting and looting the homes of civilians in the Damascus suburbs (Harasta, Dkhanya and Kabaas).

Tamer al-Dahan 5.jpg

Tamer quit the NDF in 2015 and moved to Germany; he now lives in Dortmond refugee camp (Neukirchen) and has become a drug dealer (according to refugee testimony). He too lied in the mandatory questioning to determine his refugee status; he denied ever carrying weapons.

الإسم: تامر الدهن
المكان والمهنة السابقة: سؤريا، قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: ورتموند كمب (نيوكرشن) ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح تامر الدهن من مليشيات الدفاع الوطني المجرم
عمله الاجرامي في محيط دمشق (كباس -دخانيه- حرستا )من اعتقال و تشليح و سرقة منازل
حاليا متواجد في ألمانيا في منطقة قرب دورتموند كمب نيوكرشن
وصلنا من بعض شهود حاليا هذا المجرم يبع ممنوعات (الحشيش) ويدعي أمام السلطات انه مدني ولم يتورط بحمل السلاح

Ashraf Alhelou 1Name: Ashraf al-Helou (“Ashrf Alhlo”)


From: Masyaf, Syria

Current location:  Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany

Ashraf (crudely typed as “Ashrf” on Facebook) was an Alawite volunteer from Masyaf who served in the ranks of the regime’s armed forces. He is said to have served under Colonel Suheil al-Hassan in Hama and Aleppo, taking part in raids and killings against the local Sunni population. Many of Ashraf’s friends on Facebook also identify themselves as serving in Suheil al-Hassan’s forces.

Suheil is known as “The Tiger” in Assad cultist circles; a notorious commander who invented the deadly barrel bombs and is known for an utter disregard for civilian life. al-Hassan brags of showing “no mercy” to those who refuse to surrender to his “Tiger Forces”.

Ashraf appears in a video in which he and a friend  are filmed by an associate as they fire their weapons at opposition forces during a battle in the Aleppo countryside. Ashrar’s friend is quickly shot (and Ashraf seemingly grazed) as his friends anxiously rush to assist them.

In spite of this, he found it very easy to get to Germany, arriving via Greece in October 2015. He currently lives in Oberursel. He published photographs from his military days onto his (still active) Facebook page (see below). In one photo he appears alongside his friend “Abu Haydara” (whom he served alongside in the battle for Aleppo) describing him as the “lion of Aleppo”.

Ashraf has bcome notorious in the local refugee community. Refugees report being blackmailed by Ashraf, who has repeatedly threatened to have their families harmed if they don’t do what he says. Blackmail has become so prevailant that other refugees are forbidden from ta;king as Ashraf sleeps. A video on his phone depicted a woman under torture; when asked about the phone he claimed to have “sold it”. Ashraf also made false statements about his age, threatening at least one German woman for refusing to speak with him.

أشرف الحلو اسم الام – وعد الراضي
وهو من مصياف
متطوع لدى شبيحة صلاح العاصيتحت قيادة العقيد سهيل الحسن النمر
و صلاح العاصي هو متزعم اكبر محموعة شبيحة في محافظة حماة وهو من ريف مصياف
جرائمه عديده اقتحامات ضمن مجموعات شبيحة مصياف

سوف نفوم نشر فيديو للمجرم ومعه شخص من ضمن الشبيحة يقومون با أطلاق النار
وفي هذه الأثناء يقتل شخص يدعى احمد القهوجي رفيق اشرف ومن مصياف
المعركة كانت بين النظام والجيش الحر بحلب
أشرف يرتدي جاكيت أسود في مقطع الفيديو
مقيم الان كلاجئ مدني في

Yassin Nadaf 1.jpgName: Yassin Nadaf (ياسين نداف)

Age: Unknown

From: Aleppo, Syria

Current location: Germany (location unknown)

Yassin was a member of regime paramilitary forces known as the NDF (National Defence Forces). He helped to man the checkpoints in al-Ashrafiyeh (just like pro-regime militant Mustafa Kharbotli) which detained and executed many innocent young men trying to pass through them. Yassin is a law student from Aleppo, studying at Aleppo University’s College of Law.

Yassin is allegedly Germany; as with most of the others he has lied to the authorities and claimed he never joined any armed groups while in Syria. Help in determining his location would be appreciated. However his trip may not have been a success; his recent photos indicate that he was forced to return to Syria.

الشبيح ياسين نداف من محافظة حلب منتسب للمليشيات الدفاع الوطني
مستلم حواجز الأشرفية مسئول عن كثير من أعتقال الشبان في تلك المناطق وتصفيتهم

حاليا متواجد في ألمانيا أو سوريا (حلب) كلاجئ مدني ولم يتورط بحمل السلاح ضد المدنيين

Joseph George Bakrejian 2Name: Joseph Bakrejian

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Mannheim, Germany

Joseph is a member of the Syrian-Armenian Christian community. He volunteered in the regime’s forces; namely for the notorious Ba’ath Brigades; the armed wing of Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party which focuses on recruiting university students. Some consider it  an elite force in comparison to the sorry state of the rest of the army.

He was initially exposed by the Facebook page “Criminals, not refugees”.

According to the source, Joseph is accused of “crimes of genocide” against civilians in his native Jaramana district of Damascus; his activities included murders, arrests and looting the property innocent people. The site claims there are ample eyewitnesses to his crimes.

Joseph George Bakrejian 5
A photograph of Joseph in front of the Syrian regime’s flag. The caption in black reads: “Kata’ib al-Ba’ath” (“Ba’ath Brigades”).

He is a graduate of the University of Pharmacy IUST, and arrived in Germany on September 22nd 2015 as a refugee, taking up residence in Mannherheim and applying for asylum as a civilian; he claims he didn’t carry arms while in Syria, which is a blatant lie.

His father George continues to work as a pediatrician in Damascus (Jaramana) where he is known to be financially backed by the Ba’ath party’s committees.

الإسم: جورج بكريجيان
المكان والمهنة السابقة: جرمانا، دمشق، كتائب البعث
مكان التواجد الحالي: مانهيم، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح جوزيف جورج بكريجيان (الملقب أبوحيدر) من طائفة الأرمن
منتسب لكتائب البعث المتهمة بجرائم إبادة ضد المدنيين
و هو متهم بجرائم قتل و اعتقال في منطقة جرمانا في دمشق ويوجد شهود عيان على جرائمه .
خريج صيدله جامعة IUST
وصل المانيا تاريخ 22/9/2015
مقيم حاليا في (Mannheim)
وتقدم بطلب اللجوء كمدني لم يرفع السلاح
والده دكتور أطفال عيادته بشارع روضه في جرمانا ومعروف بدعمه المالي اللجان وكتائب البعث

Houssam Alsatouf 5Name: Houssam Eddin Alsatouf

Age: 30 (

From: Aleppo, Syria

Current location: Hamburg, Germany

Houssam was brought to the attention of Syrian Facebook users. Houssam is an intelligence officer in the Assad regime’s dreaded mukhabarat (Air Force Intelligence Directorate, the secret police). He was based in the Aleppo branch.

He was sent to Moscow to receive training in bomb making from the Russian military, graduating as a specialist bomb maker. Photographs on his Facebook page show his walls decorated with military certificates that he obtained in Russia.

It is believed by Syrians and activists that he was sent to Germany to stage terror attacks and bombings there, in order to increase the stigma against refugees; the fact that the previous Cologne attacks were carried out by coordinated gangs of men and were repeated at identical times in countries like Sweden has increased the suspicions of many.

Houssam was so close to the regime that he even managed to meet/work with Assad’s UN ambassador Bashar al-Ja’afari. Nobody who is suspected of having anything less than absolute loyalty to the regime is allowed near the hierarchy of power.

Houssam Alsatouf 4
Houssam with Syrian UN representative Bashar al-Ja’afari, possibly directing his security.

Adding to our suspicions, Houssam applied for asylum in Europe as a civilian… But entered Germany via Russia on a regular visa from Damascus (seemingly to avoid detection), before settling in Hamburg. From Assad-controlled Damascus to Moscow and then Hamburg is several thousand miles off the standard refugee route.

Syria’s Air Force Intelligence Directorate is known to plant agents in various countries via embassies. Since Houssam is so close to Ja’afari, this raises several more questions.

الإسم: حسام الدين السطوف
المكان والمهنة السابقة: حلب، إدارة المخابرات الجوية (خبير متفجرات مختص)
مكان التواجد الحالي: هامبورغ، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح حسام السطوف مواليد 1986 ضابط وخبير متفجرات مختص يعمل لصالح المخابرات السورية وتم ارساله الى موسكو والان هو في هامبورغ

يعتقد أنه من الشبيحة الذين أرسلهم نظام الاسد لصنع تفجيرات في المانيا

و يعتقد أنه تقدم بطلب لجوء كمدني و قد دخل أوربا عبر روسيا بفيزا نظامية من دمشق

Ziad al-Haj Hussein 4Name: Ziad al-Haj Hussein (زياد الحاج حسين)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (unknown)

Current location: Wertheim, Germany

Ziad recently arrived in Germany, allegedly (like many others) telling the authorities that he never carried weapons while he was in Syria. However the website has discovered incriminating testimony from refugees proving that he was involved in massacres against civilians and kidnapping as part of the NDF.

One photograph of Ziad reveals his recent location. The photograph was taken in front of the Reinhardshof Apotheke (Reinhardshof Pharmacy) in Theodor-Heuss-Straße 99 (Theodor-Heuss Street 99) in 97877 Wertheim; a Southern Germany which has a large quarter for incoming refugees, accommodated there before being transported elsewhere.

الإسم: زياد الحاج حسين
المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: يارثيم، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

وصل الشبيح المدعو زياد الحاج حسن إلى المانيا في رحلة طلب اللجوء والتي وصل بها إلى برلين وطلب اللجوء بصفته مدني فر من الحرب الدائرة في بلادة ونفى انه تورط بحمل السلاح

لكن نشطاء وجهوا له تهماً بالقتل والخطف ونشروا له صوراً تثبت انتمائه إلى ميليشيات الدفاع الوطني الملقبة بالشبيحة والمتهمة بمجازر ضد المدنيين

Samer Almasri 1Name: Samer Almasri (سمير المصري)

Age: Unknown

From: Latakia, Syria

Current location: Kolenfeld, Niedersachsen, Germany

Samer arrived in Germany applying for asylum as a civilian, telling the authorities that he didn’t carry weapons. However a number of charges have been brought against Samer; he is accused of arresting and torturing civilians and anti-regime activists as part of the NDF.

An Alawite from Latakia, Samer is a strong supporter of Bashar al-Assad; upon being exposed he quickly changed his Facebook  name from Saimer Almasri to Samer Al Sy and removed his photos. Like many shabiha, he seems to be an extensive steroid user. He was made all the easier to identify due to the distinctive tattoo on his right arm.

Samer is currently living in Kolenfeld, Niedersachsen (in refugee housing).

الإسم: سمير المصري
المكان والمهنة السابقة: اللاذقية، قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: كلن فيلد، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

وصل الشبيح المدعو سمير المصري إلى المانيا طالباً اللجوء المدني وينفي أي صله له بميليشيات قاتلت مع النظام او ارتكبت انتهاكات بحق مدنيين

لكن نشطاء وجهو له تهماً بتعذيب واعتقال نشطاء مدنيين ونشرو له صوراً تثبت حمله السلاح ضمن ميليشيات جيش الدفاع الوطني الملقبة بالشبيحة والمتهمة بجرائم ضد المدنيين

Jabagh Baker 8Name: Jabagh Baker (جباغ باكير)

Age: Unknown

From: Salamiyah, Syria

Current location: Germany (town/city unknown)

Jabagh was a militant in the Assad regime’s armed forces, and is accused of take part in killing and looting. In one video filmed by shabiha, they gather around a captured activist Mansour Bilal al-Ali. They beat and kick him while asking him if he is a member of the Free Syrian Army. Mansour was an activist from Muhassan village and an engineering student at Al-Jazzera University in Deir Ezzor. He was arrested at the start 0f the brutal campaign against Deir Ezzor in 2012/13.

After questioning and beating him they shoot him multiple times, ensuring that they cause him the maximum amount of pain. The screams of the prisoner continue for a few seconds. Jabagh has been accused by an opposition Facebook page of being one of those responsible for the killing in the video, although he has since denied this.

On his Facebook profile he identifies himself as living in Germany; the profile also contains photos of him in his military gear during his time in the regime army. He is from Salamiyah and was probably part of the NDF.

Help in tracing his location would be greatly appreciated.

الإسم: جباغ باكير
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: سلمية، قوات الدفاع الوطني(؟
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

المجرم الخطير جباغ باكير
الذي ظهر في الفيديو السابق
ساهم في عمليات قتل وسرقة متواجد حالياً في ‫#‏ألمانيا‬

Muhammad al-Amoudy 1Name: Muhannad al-Amoudy (مهند العامودي)

Age: Unknown

From: Latakia, Syria

Current location: UK or Germany

Muhannad was a soldier who served in the regular Syrian Army (SAA) as a member of the al-Quwat al-Nimr Brigade (the Tiger Forces) and seemingly in the special forces too. The Tiger Forces are led by Suheil al-Hassan, a notorious pro-regime general.

Suheil al-Hassan invented the deadly barrel bombs that have killed tens of thousands of civilians, issued personally shot at (and gave orders to shoot) of unarmed protesters at the beginning of the uprising (even before the regime gave the order) and leads a brigade notorious for all manner of atrocities, including crushing civilians with tanks.

In order to gain control of civilian areas, the elite Tiger Forces are known to bombard them indiscriminately with barrel bombs, slaughter livestock and crops to stave out locals, and launch ground assaults in which anyone who refuses to surrender is slaughtered. Suheil seems to have appeared in a video in which horses were shot to death by regime forces.

Muhannad al-Amoudy 2
Help in identifying the location from this sculpture would be greatly appreciated.

Muhannad is an Alawite from Latakia. He was an elite, trusted soldier, to the extent that he posed for a photograph with Suheil al-Hassan and uploaded it to his Facebook account.

Quite by accident, I was looking over images from Bashar al-Assad’s speech in Umayyad Square in Damascus (January 2012), the same speech in which Alaa Adel Khalil had appeared as Bashar’s bodyguard. One of the faces looked very familiar. Upon closer inspection I noticed that a man who strongly resembles Muhannad serves as one of several bodyguards during Assad’s speech (see below). Thus career as a regime loyalist may have been forged long before the formation of the Tiger Forces, probably in the ranks of Syria’s special forces; many of Assad’s bodyguards are affiliated with either the Republican Guard or special forces.

Muhannad al-Amoudy 2

It is worth nothing that the Tiger Forces and Syrian special forces units are exclusively staffed with regime loyalists, unlike many Syrian Army units full of forcibly conscripted, unwilling young men. Becoming a candidate for such a force requires notoriety, skill, and a record of brutality. Suheil al-Hassan often personally chooses the soldiers, further indicating Muhannad’s notoriety. At one point, the special forces soldiers would eat live puppies during training.

At some point in 2015 Muhannad quit the Tiger Forces and headed to Germany, posing as a civilian refugee fleeing the war that his forces had been waging. He has definitely been sited in Germany according to photographs on his own social media (in which street signs and number plates can be seen) and has allegedly arrived in the UK over the last few months. Help in tracing his location from number plates and landmarks in his Facebook photos would be incredibly helpful.

Syrians have been told to be wary of Muhannad; testimony from various witnesses claims that he was sent to conduct “operations” abroad. Given his intimate history with the regime’s hierarchy, this is more than likely.

الإسم: مهند العامودي
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، القوات النمر
مكان التواجد الحالي: ألمانيا أو بريطانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الشبيح مهند العامودي من مرافقة سهيل الحسن الملقب بالنمر

وهو من مدينة اللادقية و من سكان مشروع الزين تحديداً و ابوه عميد بالجيش

وقد أفاد نشطاء بوصوله إلى أوربا و أما عن مكانه فهو إما في بريطانيا أو في المانيا

يرجى عمن يعرف عنه معلومات إضافية موافاتنا لأنه وبحسب شهود أن النظام قام بإرساله لتنفيذ مهمات خطيره في أوربا

Name: Khaled al-Marstani, also written as Khaled Al Mrstani (خالد المرستاني)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus(?), Syria

Current location: The Netherlands

Khaled applied for “humanitarian asylum” as a civilian. He claimed that he never participated in any acts of repression against civilians during his time in Syria.

In fact, Khaled was a trusted bodyguard in the service of the Assad family. When the National Defence Force was formed in 2012, he was one of the first to join.

Syrian activists claim (and can present evidence) that Khaled was a pro-regime militiaman in the NDF and frequently arrested civilians at checkpoints in Dahiyet al-Assad (Eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus) where he was the local NDF commander, forcing them to join the regime’s army. Khaled also stands accused of murdering various civilians during his time in the NDF.

His reputation must have been considerable; he was one of the few men entrusted with keeping Syria’s first family safe during the emerging war. In 2012 he was given the task of guarding Bashar al-Assad’s wife Asma and their two children during his January 2012 speech in Umayyad Square. Assad speaks on stage, guarded by various special forces members and shabiha fighters in jackets decorated with the regime flag.

Khaled al-Marastani 1

Khaled stands directly next to Asma al-Assad and the children as part of their protection detail. Others stood on stage surrounding Assad. Several of the men (Khaled included) present at the rally have since left for Europe; Alaa Adel Khalil leaving for Germany in 2014 and Muhannad al-Amoudy fleeing for either the UK or Germany in 2015. He used the advantages of his position in the NDF and “personal security ties” to Asma Al-Assad to his advantage, being especially close to the Assad family.

Khaled al-Marastani 4
Khaled enjoys life in the Netherlands.

In 2014 Khaled fled Syria, allegedly attempting to leave before these allegations caught up with him. Khaled is now in the Netherlands, in Apeldoorn city’s refugee camp (in Gelderland province) in the centre of the country. Refugees submitted complaints to opposition websites,claiming he has threatened them with physical harm as well as threatening reprisals against their families back home.

Although many refugees have recognised him, none dare to report him & submit the evidence against him to the police, fearing their families in the camp will be harmed. Fear increased after he hid photos on his Facebook profile that proved his involvement with the regime. Khaled maintains that he is “just a normal civilian” that fled the war in Syria.

الإسم: خالد المرستاني
المكان والمهنة السابقة: دمشق، حرس الأسماء الأسد وشبيح في قوات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: ليوم في كامب ابلدورن في هولندا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوس

وصل الشبيح المدعو خالد المرستاني إلى هولندا وطلب اللجوء الإنساني كمدني فر من الحرب ولم يتورط بإعمال القمع في سوريا

لكن نشطاء فندو إدعائه وقالو أنه كان من عناصر ميليشيا الدفاع الوطني المعروفين بالشبيحة في سوريا وموقعه حاجز ضاحية الاسد المعروف بكثرة اعتقاله المدنيين وسوقهم للخدمة الإلزامية بعد شق تأجيلاتهم مستغلاً منصبه كمرافق لمسؤول الدفاع الوطني في الضاحية وكمقرب لعائلة الاسد ومرافق لزوجته في عدد من المهمات الخارجية والتي تقوم بها اسماء الاسد وهو الذي هرب من هذه الخدمة بعد حين وذلك بعد أن تسبب بمقتل العديد ممن ساهم بسوقهم إلى حتفهم

وبعد ذلك يلجئ إلى هولندا ليهدد السوريون اللاجئين هناك ويبتزهم بأهلهم في الداخل

يقيم اليوم في كامب ابلدورن في هولندا ولا يجرؤ أحد من السوريين المتواجدين هناك بالتبليغ عنه وخاصة بعد أن أخفى صوره التي تثبت تورطه بالقتل والتي تثبت أنه لم يكن مدني

Hamza Akkad 10Name: Hamza Akkad (حمزة عقاد)

Age: 29

From: Jaramana, Syria

Current location: øvre årdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Hamza is from the Jaramana neighbourhood of Damascus and was part of the NDF, before settling in Norway in 2015.

Akkad is accused of rape, participating in massacres and sexually harassing women during his time in Syria. Syrians discovered his profile and shared his photos (In which he poses with guns and wears his military uniform).

Akkad messaged one of them. Akkad claims that he never had weapons, never “participated (in the regime) or killed or stole” and that he swears to this “upon the head of my (his) mother”, claiming the photographs were taken “at home” (and were purely there to make him look cool).

The Syrian was unconvinced, especially as Akkad wears a Syrian military uniform in one of them, and stand outside with a fellow shabiha member in another. Akkad claimed the posts were “unfair” because they had caused the Norwegian police to interrogate him three times. “Everyone has a gun if you visit his photos”, he moaned. He later closed his account, before reactivating it around August of 2015. His Facebook likes contain multiple pro-regime pages.

Hamza Akkad 1

Akkad also opened dating profiles on two sides. Worryingly (give one post linking him to rape and harassment) on one account he claims to be looking for girls aged 18-22. He listed his location as Øvre Årdal, Sogn og Fjordane. This is apparently a small village in Norway, which makes Akkad easy to track. A Twitter user who lives in the area contacted me and claimed that Akkad has turned up at several parties with young girls, having become notorious in the area as something of a creep.

Below are the messages in which Akkad tries to defend himself.

الإسم: حمزة عقاد
المكان والمهنة السابقة: جرمانا، قوات الدفاع الوطني أو الجيش العربي السوري
مكان التواجد الحالي: النرويج
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

للتبلغ والتعميم
حمزه عقاد قام بلتشبيح والتنكيل واللاغتصاب وشارك بعددة مجازر في دمشق
موجود الأن في النروج يرج التبلغ السطات النروجيه
Mgdi Al Homsi 7Name: Mgdi Al Homsi (مجدي الحمصي)

Age: 25

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Bahnhofstr. 8 63820 Elsenfeld, Germany

Mgdi was born on January 1st 1991, according to a photograph of his passport which he uploaded to his Facebook profile. He served in the regime’s armed forces and is alleged to have carried out acts of kidnapping and extortion; claims he took $1500 from a poor family in order for them to gain information about the whereabouts of their arrested son. claims that instead of passing on the information, Mgdi used the money to quit the regime and travel to Germany. The family never heard anything about their son. As if to add insult to injury, Mgdi got to Germany and uploaded a photograph with wads of cash. He later closed his profile and is now demanding that these photos be taken down. Needless to say, I will not be intimidated.

Mgdi Al Homsi 10

I have included various photographs from his Facebook page. Like most shabiha, Mgdi is a committed steroid user who uploads photographs posing in the gym. According to a photographs documenting his address, his current location is Bahnhofstr. 8 63820 Elsenfeld, Germany.

الإسم: مجدي الحمصي
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: دمشق، قوات الدفاع الوطني أو الجيش العربي السوري
مكان التواجد الحالي: السنفلد،المانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

قام الشبيح مجدي الحمصي بأخذ مبلغ 1500$ من عائلة فقيرة مقابل ان يجلب لهم معلومات عن ابنهم المعتقل

إلا أن ذلك لم يحدث

فقد وجدوه قد طلب لجوء في المانيا بنقودهم التي دفعوها لأبنهم المعتقل

لا تكن شريكا بالصمت

Ahmed al-KhalafName: Ahmed Shaker Al-Khalaf

Age: Unknown

From: Syria

Current location: Germany (town/city unknown)

Ahmed Shaker Al-Khalaf worked as a chief of security for the Assad regime, overseeing the Archaeological Museum of Raqqa in coordination with Syrian Military Intelligence. He eventually fled after being accused of stealing from the museum, and after the director was outed as having reopened the museum by collaborating with Da’esh.

However, accuses him having still been in contact with some members of the Assad regime. He is accused of stealing from the museum in Raqqa, after which he and some members of the regime in Raqqa covered up the robbery. As mentioned before, the regime’s museum director had reopened Raqqa museum in coordination with the terror group. This was confirmed in an interview conducted by Franklin Lamb at the National Museum of Syria with a Mr. Iyham Hassan from Raqqa, an employee of the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums and the current Director of Syria’s National Museum in Damascus. His statement in the interview was freely given, and went as follows:

Two weeks ago, the Raqqa museum re-opened to the public, after the director of museum got permission from DAASH. I have learned from the museum director that all the iron gates which we installed are still (in place), so this means that no more robbery, looting or smuggling has taken place from the Raqqa Archeological Museum. As for the other sites, we do not know anything recent or anything more about them than what I reported to you.

Ahmed is accused of helping the regime to coordinate with the terror group in Palmyra. After that, Ahmed disappeared and turned up in to Germany. He stands accused of both coordinating with Da’esh and helping to loot the museum of precious artefacts.

الإسم: أحمد شاكر الخلف
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، شعبة المخابرات العسكرية
مكان التواجد الحالي: المانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست
المسؤول الامني للنظام بمديرية اثار الرقة ومتحف الرقة بقرار من شعبة المخابرات العسكرية للنظام
كان موجود في الرقة في المتحف بعد هروب النظام من الرقة وبقي على تواصل مع النظام ومع المدير الذي عينه النظام بالرقة الى ان سرق المتحف في ضروف غامظمة وتستر النظام على السرقة هو وطاقمه الذي كان موجود بالرقة وصرح مديره الذي كان بالرقة انهم كانوا على تنسيق مع داعش
وبعدها اختفى احمد شاكر الخلف من الرقة وتوجه الى المانيا بعد سرقة الماحف واختفاء قطعه واحمد شاكر كان معروف انه عميل للنظام وشعبة المخابرات العسكرية وعلى علاقة معها

هذا المقال كيف صرحوا للصحفي الامريكي فرنكي لامب انهم نسقوا مع داعش بالرقة
وكيف ادارة الاثار وطاقمها فتح المتحف بتعاون مع داعش

Eskandar Abou Okda 3Name: Eskandar Abou Okda (أسكندر ابو عقدة )

Age: Unknown

From: Sednaya, Syria

Current location: Södertälje, Sweden

Eskandar was a fighter with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), from the majority-Christian town of Saidnaya, site of a notorious pro-regime jail at which atrocities were committed. He fought as part of their “Zauba’a” (Whirlwind) militia group. The SSNP is a group that places emphasis on founding “Greater Syria” by conquering surrounding countries. It fights on behalf of the Assad regime.

Founder Antun Saadeh was an admirer of Hitler, and the party is known for using a reversed swastika as its symbol, singing an anthem that corresponds to the tune of Deutschland über alles, and using a Roman salute. The party also places an emphasis on the superiority of the Syrian people. Most recruits are drawn from Syria’s minorities along sectarian lines, Eskandar was no different.

Eskandar arrived in Sweden on November 20th 2015 (according to his own Facebook profile), settling in Södertälje. He told the Swedish authorities that he is a civilian refugee. However, posts on his profile (since restricted) prove otherwise; Eskandar was fighting for the SSNP until he left Syria.

His father Bassam Okda and other relatives continue to reside in Syria.

الإسم: أسكندر ابو عقدة
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: صيدنايا، الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي
(؟)مكان التواجد الحالي: السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

للتبليغ يااحرار والنشر على اوسع نطاق حتى تصل السلطات السويدية

المجرم الارهابي أسكندر ابو عقدة من صيدنايا منتسب لمليشيات نسور الزوبعة
وصل إلى السويد طالباً اللجوء الإنساني وادعى امام السلطات السويدية انه شخص مدني وفار من الحرب ولم يحمل السلاح لكن صوره تكذبه

Basel al-Akhras 2Name: Basem al-Akhras (“Abu Zidane”) باسم الاخرس

Age: Unknown

From: Syria

Current location: Sweden

Bassem served as a shabiha commander and informant. Part of the al-Akhras family (possibly the same family as Asma al-Assad’s family)  he was known in the NDF as “Abu Zidane” and is held responsible for the arrests of hundreds of civilians, many of whom are still unaccounted for in the regime’s jails. Bassem pointed out civilians that had attended demonstrations to the regime’s forces, which culminated in them being detained, tortured and killed.

Over 200 arrests of civilians have been attributed to him by five different witnesses. Others were too scared to talk. Most of these people were taken to Branch 215 in Damascus and many subsequently appeared in Caesar’s photos as emaciated corpses. Eyes had been gouged out, cigarettes put out on their bodies etc. Most are thought to have died.

Bassem arrived in Sweden in the fall of 2014, applying for asylum as a civilian and claiming to have been a civilian during the war. His Facebook account tells another story; awash with photographs of a meeting with Bashar al-Assad, Bassem dressed in battle gear, regime propaganda and more.

A recent photo shows Bassem holding two young girls, one under each arm. Piles of shopping bags sit beside them, and palm trees can be seen in the background. Bassem seems to have been living the high life, lavishing money on young women and shopping trips. It is not known if this photo was taken in Sweden (Trelleborg has palm trees) or elsewhere in the Mediterranean.


A high-ranking NDF commander with links to the Assad family turning up among crowds of refugees with an abundance of cash is worrisome to say the least, the possibility that Bassem is still working for the regime cannot be ruled out. He has denied all the charges against him, claiming the photos are photoshopped by his enemies (save one).

الإسم: باسم الاخرس
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، قائد في القوات الدفاع الوطني‎
(؟)مكان التواجد الحالي: السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

قدم الشبيح باسم الاخرس طلب لجوئه في السويد وهو المدعو ابو زيدان والذي كان يرشد النظام لأعتقال المدنيين في دمر البلد

ساهم عمله هذا بإعتقال الكثير من ابناء المنطقة ولا يزال مصير بعضهم مجهولاً

يدعي أمام السلطات السويدية أنه مدني ولم يتورط بأعمال القمع مع النظام .

Muhannad al-Habaj 1Name: Mohanad Adeeb Al Habaj (مهند اديب الهبج)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Damascus, Syria

Mohanad was a fighter with the Syrian army and Hezbollah Photos from his Facebook show him clad in high-quality battle gear typical of elite Hezbollah units.

Mohanad fought in the battles around Qalamoun as part of the regime effort to expel opposition forces from the Qalamoun mountains and secure the Lebanese border. He uploaded photographs to Facebook during the campaign. Activists claim that Mohanad took part in murder, kidnapping and robbery around Qalamoun.

Muhannad al-Habaj 5

In 2015 Mohanad appeared in Sweden (via Germany) as a “Syrian refugee”. However, based on information on the internet, the Swedish police picked up up and interrogated him. He later returned to Damascus, where he claims to be studying. He messaged me on June 21 with the details, gloating that the Swedish and German authorities don’t care about pro-regime fighters and are instead focused on going after those who fought for the opposition. This raises any worrying questions about the priorities of European security services, more focused on tracking down opposition members than regime fighters and spies. Below is a translated transcript:

Muhannad al-Habaj Conversation 11.png

الشبيح مهند الهبج

منتسب إلى مليشيات حزب الله العامل في مناطق القلمون
شارك في عمليات قتل وسرقة وخطف

يذكر أن الشبيح حاول الدخول السويد ولم ينجح إلا. يرجعة إلى دمشق و قل الشبيحة في أوروبا مافي مشكلة لالحكومات الأوروبا.

Mohamed Adam 3Name: Mohamed Adam (محمد آدم)

Age: Unknown

From: Masyaf, Syria

Current location: Södermalm, Stockholms Län, Sweden

Mohamed Adam came to Sweden several months ago, seeing asylum as a refugee. However photographs on his Facebook page seriously call this into question. Mohamed poses with portraits of Bashar al-Assad in a Syrian army uniform, aims a rifle in a barren landscape, and uploaded photoshopped images of himself in battle gear. Furthermore, activists and Syrians online accuse Mohamed (from the Alawite-majority town of Masyaf) of taking part in massacres and arrests directed against civilians during crackdowns. Mohamed (apparently an Alawite) also poses at a Shi’ite shrine.

Mohamed Adam 2

Mohamed is currently living in Södermalm and studying at Stockholm University. Worryingly, he has uploaded photographs of himself hanging around teenage girls in social venues. The girls and their parents seem unaware of his background.

الإسم: محمد آدم
المكان والمهنة السابقة: مصيف، الجيش العربي السوري‎ أو قوات الدفاع الوطني‎
مكان التواجد الحالي: ستوكهولم، السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

مصياف وصل الى السويد وطلب اللجوء الإنساني كمدني فر من الحرب

إلا أن نشطاء قالو انه مارس أعمال التشبيح و السرقة بحق أهالي ريف دمشق . متواجد الأن في السويد والعنوان موضح في احدى صوره

Muhammed Malawhy 5Name: Mohammed Mallouhi (محمد ملوحي)

Age: Unknown

From: Masyaf, Syria

Current location: Syria (planning to travel to Germany)

Mohammed is a soldier (possibly an officer) in Suheil al-Hassan’s notorious Tiger Forces. From the town of Masyaf in Hama, he is a close friend of fellow suspect Ashraf al-Helou, who is now in Germany, living in Frankenberg. Mohammed has uploaded photographs to his personal Facebook account depicting his service.

Muhammed Malawhy 2

In a November discussion on one of Ashraf’s photos, Mohammed proclaimed that he was coming to Germany too. Ashraf replied that he would be welcome in his house. Since then Mohamed has seemingly made no move to Europe yet, but assured Ashraf that he was coming, swearing to God.

Muhammed Malawhy 1

Although he’s clearly aiming to make the trip, his personal Facebook account proves beyond a doubt that he’s far from being the “refugee” he will inevitably claim to be.

الإسم: محمد ملوحي
المكان والمهنة السابقة: مصيف، الجيش العربي السوري‎ (القوات النمر)
مكان التواجد الحالي: سوريا، بس بدو سفر الى ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

Sawran al-Sawramiri 1Name: Sawran al-Sawramiri (سوران السورميري)

Age: Unknown

From: Iraq

Current location: Finland (town/city unknown)

Sawran was a fighter in the al-Hashd ash-Sha’abi, Iraq’s “Popular Mobilisation Forces” (the Shi’a militias tasked with fighting Da’esh). The forces are a conglomeration of Iran-backed groups, frequently committing atrocities against Sunni civilians and prisoners of war. The militias make no distinction between civilians and combatants. Sawran apparently had a senior position of responsibility; in Facebook uploads he wears a beret indicating some sort of command role in one of the militias.

Sawran is accused of killing Sunni civilians and looting and burning their homes (a common Shi’a militia tactic). On one Facebook upload he stands with what appears to be the body of an executed Sunni civilian. He stares into the camera gloatingly, pointing his gun at the man’s corpse. Home burnings were a prominent tactics of the Hashd in and around Tikrit; if Sawran was involved in any of these incidents is unknown.

Sawran has recently turned up in Finland as a “civilian refugee”, wiping his Facebook clean of the evidence of his militia activities and failing to disclose it to the authorities.

الإسم: سوران السورميري
المكان والمهنة السابقة: العراق، الحشد الشعبي
مكان التواجد الحالي: الفنلندا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

الحشدوي سوران السورميري أحد عناصر ‫الحشد الشعبي قتل وسرق وحرق بيوت‬ الآمنين تحت ذريعة محاربة ‫‏داعش و هرب من ‫‬والآن موجود في ‫‏فلندا

يدعي أمام السلطات أنه مدني ‬ والجدير بالذكر أن فنلندا باتت تحوي مئات مجرمي الحشد الشعبي العراقي

Fadi Karnaba 4Name: Fadi Karnaba (فادي كرنبة)

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (town/city unknown)

Current location: Presumed to be Norway

Fadi Karnaba is a Syrian militant who presumably served in a local Syrian Hezbollah affiliate, judging from the Hezbollah patch on is sleeve. His cousin is said to be infamous shabiha member Ibrahim Karnaba. Fadi tried several times to enter Europe via common refugee routes (apparently without success) before being granted a visa to travel to Russia by the regime, which enabled him to enter Norway.

It is alleged that the regime is using Fadi as an intelligence agent in order to spy on refugees or conduct operations; the Russian visa was supposedly granted to him for this purpose. The visa enabled him to legitimately enter Norway via a border crossing. Nothing more has been heard of Fadi since, and it is presumed that he is still in Europe somewhere.

Fadi Karnaba 7

However, the Norwegian government has taken strong steps against shabiha in Europe, in comparison to other governments. The government has actively sought out and interrogated suspects (see the case of Hamza Akkad), actively follows-up on tip-offs from refugees, and is planning to deport failed asylum seekers (including shabiha) that entered via Russia, allegedly a common route used by undercover regime militants. If Fadi has been identified by the Norwegian government is unknown.

الإسم: فادي كرنبة
(المكان والمهنة السابقة: سوريا، حزب الله السوري(؟
مكان التواجد الحالي: النرويج
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

دخل الشبيح فادي كرنبة وهو ابن عم الشبيح الشهير ابراهيم كرنبة

يذكر أن الشبيح حاول الدخول عدة مرات لأوربا ولم ينجح إلا بالطريقة التي يستخدمها الشبيحة بكثرة وهي الدخول للنرويج عبر روسيا والوصول لاوربا والنرويج والإدعاء أنهم مدنيين

يذكر أن النظام يستخدم شبيحته واعطائهم فيزاً لروسيا ليزرعهم خلاياً في أوربا لاستخدام لاحقا كورقة ضغط

Abed Kadora 3Name: Abed Kadora (عابد قدورة)

Age: 21 (23/3/95)

From: Sayyidah Zainab, Syria

Current location: Hamburg, Germany

Abed is a Shi’a militant from the Sayyidah Zainab district of Damascus. He served in the regime’s armed forces, possibly in one of the many Shi’a militias in the capital, or maybe in the NDF (judging from his partial civilian attire in some of his photos). He also uploaded a photograph in which he and a young woman (possibly his sister) brandish weapons. His family seem to be devout regime loyalists; many posts on Kadora’s account eulogise a killed pro regime fighter who seems to have been a relative.

In any case, Abed is accused of carrying out robberies and killings in the district, under the pretence of fighting against opposition forces.

Abed Kadora 11

Abed turned up in Germany last year, settling in Hamburg as a refugee. After exposure, he responded by deleting photos in which he carries weapons, before closing his account altogether on 26 April. By then, he had racked up thousands of followers and interactions on his photos.

الإسم: عابد قدورة
المكان والمهنة السابقة: السيدة زينب، ميليشيات الشيعة أو القرات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: هامبورغ، ألمانيا
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

يرجى المشاركة على أوسع نطاق
المجرم عابد قدورة
شارك في عمليات قتل وسرقة في منطقة السيدة زينب متواجد حالياً في ‫#‏ألمانيا‬ يرجى تبليغ الشرطة الألمانية مرفقة بالصور

Ayham Abo Fakhar 6.jpgName: Ayham Abo Fakher (أيهم أبوفاخر)

From: as-Suwayda Syria

Current location: Sandviken, Sweden

Ayham is originally from as-Suwayda, but moved to Damascus and was a part of the Jaramana NDF. Ayham has been accused by Syrians online of taking part in massacres and helping to enforce the siege of East Ghouta, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians have been surrounded and are being starved to death under the regime’s “kneel or starve” policy.

Ayham arrived in Sweden in 2015, and is currently living as a “civilian refugee” in Sandviken.

الإسم: أيهم أبو فاخر
المكان والمهنة السابقة: السويداء، القرات الدفاع الوطني
مكان التواجد الحالي: هامبورغ، ساندفيكن، السويد
الرجاء تزويدنا بأي معلومة إضافية عن المذكور أعلاه وكتابتها كتعليق على هذا البوست

وصل المجرم المدعو أيهم أبوفاخر..Ayham Abo Fakher
إلى السويد Sandviken, Sweden وهو سوري من مدينة السويداء, ينتمي إلى ميليشيات الدفاع الوطني بجرامانا والمتهمة بمجازر بحق المدنيين وحصار الغوطة

الجدير بالذكر أن الشبيح يدعي أمام السلطات السويدية أنه مدني ولم يتورط بالإنتماء لأي من الجماعات المسلحة المتورطة بقتل المدنيين في سوريا

Yazan Aboasaly 1.jpgName: Yazan Aboasali (يزن أبو عسلي)

Age: Unknown

From: as-Suwayda, Syria

Current location: Berlin, Germany

Yazan Aboasali is from Damascus, a member of the special forces. After fighting with the elite special forces units in the city, he transferred to the NDF and worked under the command of his father (Wasim Aboasali) who was responsible for several gangs of NDF (shabiha) that would abduct and kill opponents of the regime in Damascus. Wasim was later killed in action and eulogised on pro-regime social media accounts.

Yazan and his brother (Yahia Aboasali) arrived in Europe early in 2014/2015 among the first waves of refugees. The pair are said to be part of a Syrian regime sleeper cell positioned in Europe in order to conduct operations and put pressure on European governments. Yazan and his brother were in Paris during the attacks, after which they abruptly moved to Berlin (before the Cologne incident and others) and are trying to keep a low profile. Yazan has restricted his social media accounts, although he can still be found on others.

Yazan Aboasaly 2.jpg

It’s posible that Yazan is still working for the regime. Interestingly enough, Yazan turned up in France just as various other members of the special forces simultaneously turned up all over Europe; Khaled al-Marstani in the Netherlands (2014), Alaa Adel Khalil in Germany (2014), Muhamad Abdullah in Sweden (2015) and Muhannad al-Amoudy in Germany/UK.

Yazan may have been sent to either conduct intelligence operations or act as a sleeper cell; the Syrian special forces are known to only contain the most loyal regime soldiers.

نرجو النشر و التعميم
الشبيح المجرم ( يزن أبو عسلي ) من مدينة دمشق انتسب الى القوات الخاصة وكان موقعه على الحواجز ولكن بعد ذلك انتسب لقوات الدفاع الوطني برعاية والده الفاطس ( وسيم أبو عسلي) الذي كان مسؤول عن عدة فصائل تعمل بشكل مدني بين المواطنين لتنفيذ أعمال خطف وتصفية لكل من يعارض النظام ، أرسل المجرم يزن هو وأخيه (يحيى أبو عسلي ) إلى مدسوساً بين جموع اللاجئين وجاهزا لتنفيذ أوامر يعتقد البعض أنه نفذ بعضها ،وذلك قبل الأحداث الدامية التي تعرضت لها فرنسا والذي يعتقد أن أنه من الخلايا التي يقوم النظام السوري بزرعها في عدد من البلدان بقصد استخدامها للضغط على أوربا…..نرجو ممن لديه معلومات مشاركتها على البوست و ابلاغ السلطات المختصة. الان الاخوان في ألمانيا.

Maher Al Asad 6.jpgName: Maher al-Ali (ماهر العلي)

Age: 26 (20/6/89

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

Maher calls himself “Maher al-Assad” in a tribute to Assad’s brother Maher (one of his idols). Maher is loyal to the regime to the extent that he ha sthe logo of the Syrian army tattooed on one of his arms.

During the onging war Maher joined the NDF alongside friends (as photos from his Facebook page prove) and allegedly committed crimes against civilians, including robbery. With the proceeds of these robberies Maher took his family to Egypt. From there they then went to Germany. Maher remains in Germany and has erased his Facebook profile.

ماهر العلي
يلقب نفسه ماهر الأسد
سوريا . دمشق
منتسب المليشيات الدفاع الوطني عن طريق شهود عيان بأنه ارتكب بحق الكثير من مدنين جرائم قتل بحق الأبرياء
تقدم بطلب لجوء في المانيا
متواجد حاليا في ألمانيا .برلين
الرجاء من الاخوة تزويدنا بمعلومات عنها .

Blanche Gharib 3.jpgName: Blansh al-Gharib (بلانش الغريب)

Age: Unknown

From: Baghdad, Iraq

Current Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Blansh is a former Shi’a militant in the Iraqi Imam Ali Brigades. Close to Abu Azra’el, he appeared with him in a photo uploaded to his Facebook profile. He uploaded many photographs with guns to his page; on one a friend mockingly said to him: “You’re like Abu Azra’el, but small.”

The uploads with guns st0pped in March. After that, Blansh turned up as a “refugee” in Switzerland and settled there. Blansh has been accused of taking part in robbery of the homes of civilians (apparently Sunni ones) during the Shi’a militia campaign against Da’esh in Salahuddin province.

المجرم بلانش الغريب
من ميليشيات كتائب الامام علي التابعة لايران ومباشرة بالحرس الثوري الايراني
، هذا المجرم قتل وسرق في محافظة صلاح_دين هرب من العراق
متواجد الان في سويسرا
الرجاء من الاخوة تزويدنا بمعلومات عنه للتوثيق

Mohnad Jomaa 2Name: Mohnad (Mohanad) Jomaa (مهند جمعة)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Cologne, Germany

Known as Abu Haydar, Mohnad (pronounced ‘Mohanad’) is a fighter from the regime’s forces, probably the NDF. From a Christian family in Latakia, he uploaded photographs of himself in his uniform and carrying a pistol on multiple occasions. Mohnad is said to have committed abuses against civilians at regime checkpoints in Damascus (where he once lived). By 2015 Mohnad was in Germany as a “refugee”. He told someone (who ratted him out to that he aims to come to the UK. However the exposure seems to have prevented this; Mohnad erased his photos and is now living in Cologne.

Mohnad’s Facebook photos depict him as a steroid user and gym fanatic, typical of many shabiha members. It’s unknown if he still aims to come to the UK.

يتواجد اليوم المدعو مهند جمعة في المانيا وقال احد من عرفوه انه بصدد التوجه لبريطانيا

(يقول الشاب الذي بلغ عنه)

هو في كولونيا الآن

Omaar Ghazali 4Name: Omaar Ghazaly (عمر غزالي)

Age: 50s-60s

From: Al-Sweida, Syria

Current location: Ålesund, Norway

Ghazaly was previously an engineer (educated in Damascus) before joining the National Defence Force. He served for some three years in the regime forces before being wounded in the battle of Abu al-Duhur military base. Ghazaly then came to Norway via Russia and settled in Ålesund. This route is commonly used by regime spies sent into Europe. According to, Ghazaly told the Norwegian government that he was a “civilian” who had been wounded by “terrorists’ shells” in order to gain asylum.

Ghazaly deleted several Facebook pictures proving his involvement in the National Defence Force and changed his Facebook name to “Omar Lourans” to throw people off his trail. He continues to upload photographs around Norway.

وصل الشبيح عمر غزالي إلى النرويج عبر روسيا وذلك بعد إصابته بإحدى معارك ابو ضهور العسكري وذلك بعد تشبيح 3 سنوات قضاها بجيش الدفاع الوطني

ويدعي اليوم امام الحكومة أنه مدني واصيب من قبل قذائف الإرهابيين

Samer al-Zoubi 7.jpgName: Samer Ibraheem Al-Zoubi (سامر إبراهيم الزعبي)

Age: 28/29 (born 1987)

From: Deir al-Bukht, Daraa

Current location: Sweden (unknown town/city)

Samer calls himself “Samer Ibraheem Al-assad” on social media in an attempt to cover his tracks. He volunteered in the military security wing of the Syrian regime’s security apparatus, and was involved in all the typical activities of a shabiha member (looting, killing and so on). He is also accused of raping several women during their captivity, as well as arresting young men accused of taking part in anti-Assad demonstrations.

Samer turned up in Sweden in 2015. At first little heed was aid to his presence, given the fact that he looks more like a hippie than a typical war crime suspect. However his behaviour started to attract attention; fellow refugees noticed that Samer was spying on known activists and dissidents that had escaped to Sweden.

Samer al-Zoubi 4

They later discovered that he is still working for Syrian intelligence, and (just like Mohammad Kanaan) has been writing up reports on these dissidents for the Syrian embassy. These reports can be used to track them, harass their families back home, blackmail them or mark them out for assassination.

Samer al-Zoubi 3

Samer recently deleted his Facebook profile once it became apparent that refugees had discovered it. He unintentionally incriminated himself in many public posts. In one post from December 7 2013, he uploaded a photograph of himself with a rifle alongside his truck (which was decorated with pictures of Assad and Hassan Nasrallah). “Finally, in the ranks of the Syrian Assadist army!”, wrote Samer in glee. In others he guards a checkpoint underneath a portrait of Assad and appears alongside musclebound shabiha at demonstrations. In one rather disturbing photo, Samer appears to take a selfie at an angle in order to include two young women in the background. He glares menacingly into the camera as he puffs on a cigarette.

الشبيح سامر إبراهيم الزعبي

تولد 1987 دمشق من درعا دير البخت,

كان متطوع بالأمن العسكري ومتورط بأعمال تشبيح وقتل و اغتصاب وتشليح وذلك بدمشق و ريفها,

متهم بتسليم الكثير من الشباب المتظاهرين من درعا والغوطة بدمشق

وهو يتعاون مع المخابرات السورية لهذه اللحظة ويكتب تقارير بحركة النشطاء والمعارضين للنظام

يقوم بكتابة التقارير فقط في السويد و ارسالها للسفارة بستوكهولم ،، متواجد بالسويد Sweden

Ahmad Deeb 36Name: Ahmad Deeb (أحمد الديب)

Age: Unknown

From: Deir ez-Zor, Syria

Current location: Italy

Deeb was a volunteer in the Political Security Directorate in Deir ez-Zor since the beginning of the revolution. The Directorate is one of many Syrian secret police organisations, responsible for repressing protests, detaining and torturing anyone deemed anti regime, and committing mass-surveillance against potential or actual regime opponents. It has been very active against the opposition since the revolution began; Deeb was assisting in the repressions when the regime was still shooting protesters.

The atrocities directed against unarmed protesters and opposition members by the various security branches in Deir ez-Zor were so severe that even Brigadier General Jameh Jameh, head of Military Intelligence in the city (and responsible directing the crackdown) complained  that interrogators were giving detainees electric shocks, putting out cigarettes on them and “on all parts of the body, in a disgusting manner”, as well as forcing them to sit on bottles and sodomise themselves. He claimed his jail would “refuse to take custody” of torture victims “unless there is a written report about the detainee’s health condition” which included “the names of those responsible for beating him”.

Jameh eventually relented and carried out more horrific measures at the behest of Damascus, however. Documents leaked from the inner workings of the regime show the gruesome treatment given out to detainees in Deir ez-Zor:

Detainees at his military intelligence branch were beaten with fists, cables, and sticks until they were unconscious, their bones were broken, and their teeth fell out; stuffed into car tires and beaten until their feet bled; given electric shocks after having water poured on them; abused until they urinated blood; and beaten to death. Jameh personally participated in many of the interrogations.

Deeb took part in the repression in Deir Ezzor for over four years. He boasted of taking part in atrocities online. When one of his friends was wounded in combat in a civilian district, Deeb bragged in a public Facebook comment that he and fellow fighters “burned the district” the next day. In another photo, Deeb drags the lifeless body of a fallen Da’esh fighter with relish. “A Da’eshi liked to be brave for a few moments, but it didn’t work”, sneered Deeb. “God and Deir ez-Zor Political Security were waiting for him…”

Ahmad Deeb 22.png

Ahmad Deeb

In others, he discusses the fact that he misses his time “in the old branch”. In another, he tells a friend that he was discussing him, alongside Lieutenant Hussain. Who this Lieutenant is is unknown, although we can assume that he’s either a Political Security leader or a military officer of some kind.

Ahmad Deeb 3

Deeb was grievously wounded in combat and left the Political Security Directorate several months later, turning up in Italy under the guise of a refugee in 2016. Deeb openly worked for the secret police for years, his presence in Italy among refugees should be cause for alarm. According to, Deeb may be thinking of heading to one of the Scandinavian countries.

الشبيح أحمد الديب
سوري من محافظة ديرالزور
متطوع لدى فرع الأمن السياسي منذ بداية الثورة وهو في مجال عمله حتى تاريخ ٢٠١٥/٣/٧ بعد اصابته بالاشتباكات
وارتكب الكثير من الجرائم ويتفاخر في قتل ضحاياه وتنكيل بهم متورط بل كثير من الأعمال التي تصنف بجرائم الحرب
وصلنا معلومات عن تواجده في (إيطاليا )
ربما في طريقه لإحدى الدول الاسكندنافية
ويدعي أنه مدني

لا تكن شريكا بالصمت فيسبوكشاركنا على تويتر

12191657_957165517699014_8943651286083811985_nName: Anas Shaar (انس الشعار)

Age: 22 (17/7/93)

From: Damascus, Syria

Current Location: Cergy-Pontoise, France

Also known by the alias Abo Jood, Anas fought in the regime’s forces, in either a Shi’a militia or a military unit. He uploaded various photographs to Facebook during his years of service in Damascus. One shows him standing at a checkpoint with his rifle. Another shows him posing with it yet again, surrounded by military rucksacks and guns. Another shows him in a darkened room, menacingly holding a grenade.

Anas al-Shaar 6

Anas has been accused of killing and abusing civilians at a checkpoint that he was manning (probably the one depicted on his Facebook profile), gaining a reputation for brutality. His service in regime-loyal brigades testifies to his devotion; in another photo he appears to be standing in an airport terminal alongside other fighters. Their camouflage patterns imply a Hezbollah offshoot, possibly Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya. This militia was assigned to protect Damascus International Airport, losing several fighters in combat. However, the insignia on one of the uniforms may indicate a Republican Guard unit. The guard is the regime’s most elite unit, responsible for various atrocities.


In 2015 Anas jouneyed to Europe during the refugee crisis, smuggling himself into Greece via Turkey. Before doing so, he uploaded photographs of himself posing in Istanbul. Anas later reached France, settling in Cergy-Portoise and calling himself “Ahmad Shaar” in an attempt to avoid being potentially discovered and charged with crimes. His Facebook account betrayed him however, Syrians shared his information and blew his cover. Anas then closed his account. His current whereabouts are unknown.

أفاد شهود عيان سوريون انهم شاهدو الشبيح انس الشعار في فرنسا ولم يحددوا في اي مدينة

يذكر أن الشبيح انس متهم بأعمال قتل وانتهاكات بحق مدنيين على احد الحواجز التي كان يعمل عليها

واسمه الحقيقي انس الشعار وليس كما سمى نفسه على صفحته احمد الشعار

Hassan al-Ahmad 10Name: Hassan al-Ahmad (حسان الأحمد)

Age: unknown

From: Syria

Current location: Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany

Hassan is a Christian from Aleppo. He was initially a member of the 18th Special Forces Division of the Syrian Army. After that, he joined the militias of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. The SSNP’s militia, Nusur al-Zawba’a (“The Whirlwind’s Eagles”) is a militia that claims to contain Syrians of all sects, but in actuality is an overtly sectarian Christian force. Ahmad is accused of committing murder and arrests at checkpoints in the city of Damascus (where he was stationed) and looting civilian homes.

Hassan then used the proceeds to flee to Germany. After initially settling in Berlin, Hassan was recently spotted in the city of Rüsselsheim am Main. In exchanges with at least one Syrian, Hassan raged that his accuser was a “kalb ibn kalb” (b*tch son of a b*tch) and demanded that we delete his photos from the internet.

نرجو النشر و التعميم
الشبيح المجرم (حسان الأحمد) من مدينة حلب ، منتسب للقوات الخاصة 18 و بعدها لنسور الزوبعة ، متهم بجرائم قتل و اعتقال على الحواجز في مدينة دمشق و سرقة بيوت المدنين بعد اعتقالهم من قبل حملات المداهمة التي كان يساهم بها ، هرب إلى ألمانيا مدينة برلين وقد شوهد من فترة قصيرة في مدينة روسلسهايم… نرجو ممن لديه معلومات مشاركتها على البوست و ابلاغ السلطات المختصة.

Wassim Diab 3.jpgName: Wassim Diab (وسيم ذياب)

Age: Unknown

From: al-Muhajirin, Damascus

Current location: Berlin, Germany

Wassim Diab is from the al-Muhajireen region of Damascus. He served in the Ba’ath Brigades and the National Defence Force (an ad hoc gang of shabiha). He is responsible for many young men being arrested and sent to the al-Khateeb Branch. The Khateeb branch is a state security headquarters in the al-Khateeb Quarter on Baghdad Street in central Damascus, close to the near the Syrian Red Crescent Organization’s HQ. The branch is also known as Branch 251.

Wassim is also said to have delivered young men to the 14th Branch (Arba’een Branch), the “Anti-Terrorism Branch”. This branch is administratively lower down than the Khateeb Branch, and is located in al-Jesr al-Abyad (The White Bridge) in downtown Damascus, at the following coordinates:
33°31’29.72″N 36°17’23.25″

Wassim was stationed in the al-Jesr al-Abyad neighbourhood. There, he is said to have arrested and kidnapped civilians at random. They would later be handed back to their families in return for a large ransom. Wassim used his proximity to Asma al-Assad (he is shown socialising with her on his Instagram) to his advantage in order to ask for ransoms in exchange for giving information on missing detainees to their families (and false promises of their release). His connections also came in handy to intimidate people.

Wassim applied for asylum in Germany in 2015, claiming he was a civilian who never fought in the war. He is said to currently be located in Berlin, although he may have moved around since then.

المجرم وسيم ذياب من مدينة دمشق سكان منطقة المهاجرين
منتسب لمليشيات كتائب البعث والدفاع الوطني وقد ساهم في اعتقال كثير من الشبان لدى فرع الخطيب وفرع الأربعين

وكان يتواجد في منطقة الجسر الأبيض
ويتهم باعتقالات وخطف مقابل طلب مبالغ ماليه من اهالي الضحايا

وكان يستغل قربه من اسماء الأسد لطلب فديات مالية مقابل معلومات عن المعتقلين ووعود بإخراجهم
تقدم بطلب الجوء الانساني في ألمانيا وهو متواجد في في برلين

وهو يدعي أنه لم ينتسب إلى أي مليشيا ولم يكن له دور في الصراع الدائر في بلده

Hamzah Haj Ali 9.jpgName: Hamzah Haj Ali (حمزه الحاج علي)

Age: Unknown

From: Ashrafiyat Sahnaya, Syria

Current location: Berlin, Germany

Also known as Abo Karam, Hamzah is an old-school shabiha member from the early days of the revolution. In the sense that he’s fanatical about going to the gym, seems to abuse steroids, and has quite the fetish for firearms.

Born in the majority-Greek Orthodox town of Ashrafiyat Sahnaya, Hamzah was openly sectarian from the early days of the revolution, covering his profile in sectarian iconography and melodramatic photos of Assad. His profile identifies him as studying graphic design at AIU Arab International University, as well as studying at the college of world politics in Damascus University.

Hamzah Haj Ali 10.png
Hamzah can be recognised by his tattoos and apparent steroid use.

Hamzah took part in the campaign to quell unrest in the Jdeidat Artouz district of Damascus, arresting civilians and committing reprisals. The campaign by the regime forces lasted from 2012 to 2013, turning the town into a “killing zone“. Video footage from August 2012 shows the bodies of men with their hands tied behind their backs that were summarily shot.


In April 2013, over 250 people were murdered in another huge massacre in which women and children were slaughtered. Shops and homes were also looted. Shabiha in ostentatious cars harassed passers by, and people were often unable to leave their homes due to snipers positioned in tall buildings. During the campaign, Hamzah uploaded photographs of his activities. In one photo he sits in a tracksuit as he menacingly points a gun at the camera. In others he poses in camouflage gear with fellow militants. One photo shows him at a pro-regime ceremony of some sort, draped in the regime flag. Another shows him mocking Muslims by prostrating to the flag and imitating Muslim prayer.


In 2015 Hamzah moved to Germany after travelling there via a refugee route. He was sited in Landorf by intimidated Syrians, temporarily residing in the Sannen hotel. Some time later, he relocated to Berlin. Like many others, he claimed he wasn’t involved in the war in any way when he applied for asylum.

وصل الشبيح المدعو حمزه الحاج علي إلى مدينة Langdorf في المانيا طالبا اللجوء الإنساني كمدني ولم ينتسب لأي ميليشيا تقاتل في سوريا

وهو شبيح منتسب لملشيات الدفاع الوطني في دمشق من منطقة صحنايا وقد شارك في حملات جديده عرطوز واعتقالات لمدنيين
وهو متواجد حاليا في المانيا في مدينة Berlin ويدعي امام السلطات أنه مدني

لا تكن شريكا بالصمت

aqeel-muhammed-1Name: Aqeel Mohammad (عقيل محمد)

Age: Unknown

From: Iraq

Current location: Sweden (town/city unknown)

Aqeel is a Shi’a militant from Iraq. He joined Faylaq al-Wa’ad al-Sadiq (“The Truthful Promise Corps”), a Shi’a extremist group based in the city of Najaf in Iraq. The group has been widely publicising the fact that it has sent fighters into Syria to fight on behalf of Assad’s regime (although it officially claims to be there to “defend shrines”, a common excuse). The group follows Khamenei’s extremist brand of Twelver Shi’ism (Wilayat al-Fiqih) and seeks to advance Iranian interests in the region. Images of Khamenei and prominent clerics feature throughout the group’s propaganda.

The group is only known to have deployed in Aleppo since 2014, meaning that Aqeel’s service there spanned (roughly) throughout that year, and possibly into 2015 as well. During that time, Aqeel has been accused of killing Sunni civilians in Syria and looting their homes. In 2015 Aqeel surfaced in Sweden as a “refugee”. Being an Iraqi Shi’ite, he probably falsely claimed to be fleeing from persecution by Da’esh.

المجرم عقيل محمد (عراقي) من ميليشيا الشيعي فيلق وعد الصادق
شارك في عمليات قتل وسرقة في سوريا وهو متواجد حالياً بالسويد‬ يدعي أنه مدني ولم ينتمي لأي ميليشيا

anton-alisov-4Name: Anton Alisov (انطون اليسوف)

Age: Unknown

From: Sadad, Homs

Current location: Austria (presumed)

Anton Alisov fought in the ranks of the SSNP. Born in the village of Sadd in Homs, he has been accused of taking part in crime in Homs province, which included extorting civilians for money by dealing out threats. Sadad is a Christian Orthodox town; like most SSNP members, Alisov joined the party based on sectarianism.

Anton was last seen in Austria in 2015, although he may have moved around since then. Help in tracing his location would be greatly appreciated.

الشبيح الكجرم انطون اليسوف من قرية صدد (حمص). انتسب الى الشبيحة الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي‎‎ في حمص وشارك باعمال الاجرام والابتزاز في مدينة حمص

ممكن موجود الان في النمسا

Anton Alisov.jpg

Gamal Abdel Hamid Sultan 3.jpgName: Gamal Abdel Hamid Sultan (جمال عبد الحميد سلطان)

Age: Unknown

From: Qamishli, Syria

Current location: Berlin, Germany

Gamal served in the special forces in Daraa as of 2011 onward. A sergeant, he was one of 102 non-commissioned officers on the Hamida al-Taher checkpoint, as well as the bridge checkpoint in Naima, and Om elmiathin.

Various crimes are attributed to Sultan on these checkpoints, to the extent that he is known as a notorious war criminal in Daraa. Civilians in Om elmiathin, Al-Taybeh, Naima etc are said to have haunting memories of the crimes he carried out during his time in the special forces. Sultan is now in Germany and has deleted anything incriminating from his Facebook profile. He was once student in Aleppo University’s Faculty of Pharmacy.


الشبيح جمال عبد الحميد سلطان من القامشلي وكان عسكري في القوات الخاصة بدرعا
ورتبة رقيب ودورته 102 صف ضباط كان يشبح على حاجز حميدة الطاهر و حاجز الجسر في نعيمة و حاجز ام المياذن وارتكب جرائم
وهو الآن في المانيا وقتل وعذب مدنيين في جسر نعيمة ومعروف من جميع أهل الدرعة وخصوصاً أهل قرية نعيمة عن هذا الشبيح اسئلوا اهل درعا خصوصا” اهل قرية ام المياذن والطيبة و النعيمة و الصحاري للتأكيد

ayham-kankoush-7Name: Ayham Kankoush (أيهم قانقوش)

Age: Unknown

From: Damascus, Syria

Current location: Sukhumi, Abkhazia

Kankoush is a former fighter in the Lijan ash-Sha’bia (Christian pro-regime militias). In Damascus he is accused (as most are) of taking part in kidnapping people for ransom. Kankoush initially travelled to Norway via Russia, where he became notorious for extorting refugees by threatening their parents.

Kankoush was exposed online. Spooked, he quickly removed incriminating photos before deleting his account and opening a new one. Kankoush may also have been questioned by the Norwegian police, which has moved quickly to identify pro-regime criminals in its territory. Kankoush then surfaced in Sukhumi. Sukhumi is the capital of Abkhazia, the puppet-state of Russia within Georgian territory. He may have been deported by Norway, pledged to deport various “refugees” (some of whom have spent a long time in Russia and, funnily enough, speak fluent Russian & are often assets) back to Russia.

It’s interesting to note that Kankoush possessed the money and connections to shift from one place to another (over thousands of miles) with such ease, first managing to travel to Norway via Russia, and then to get to Abakhazia via Russia. The Russian, Syrian & Iranian regimes have frequently granted visas to intelligence assets which enable them to enter countries like Norway via Russia. Krasnodar via Moscow seems to be a route that has been used for Syrians before. Average civilians have been harassed and interrogated on the way, yet Kankoush doesn’t seem to have had such problems. He is now openly posting about his new home and the fact that he is studying in Abkhazian State University.

الشبيح المدعو أيهم كنكوش والملقب ابو رجب إلى روسيا، إلى النرويج، إلى ابخازيا اخيران (Sukhumi) وهو أحد عناصر اللجان الشعبية المعروفة باسم الشبيحة وهو من مدينة دمشق ومتهم بأعمال خطف وطلب فدية من المدنيين

Rambod Hosseini 1Name: Rambod Hosseini (رمبد حسيني)

Age: Unknown

From: Iran and Iraq

Current location: Asele, Sweden

Rambod fought in Syria and Iraq (and is also listed as having fought in Iran) before travelling to Sweden and settling in Asele as a refugee. He seems to have wiped his online profiles after being discovered (if he has created new ones since is known.


شبيح إيراني عراقي ثنائي الجنسية يتكلم العربية موجود على هذا العنوان بالسويد (مرفق بالصور)
خاض معارك ايران في سورية و العراق وذبح وقتل ثم هرب إلى السويد لاجئا فيها كمدني يطلب الأمان
وهذا عنوانه بالسويد

Asele vadshusvagen1
Box s-91931

13537703_267314553636666_5338168902833510574_nName: Bassem Ali

Age: Unknown

From: Syria (presumably Palestinian by ethnicity)

Current location: Presumed to be Germany; last known location is in the suburbs of Berlin.

Bassem Ali is an officer in the pro-regime Palestinian Liberation Army in Syria, a force composed of pro-regime Palestinians. Although it claims to be an army that fights for the liberation of Palestine, in reality it spends its time fighting for Assad against his people and committing atrocities.

Bassem was an officer of the group during the time in which it was engaged in killings, lootings and other violent acts in and around the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. He has been implicated by witnesses (according to a site documenting ex-shabiha) in the arrest of many young people, and also in their subsequent murders.

Bassem has been living in the suburbs of Berlin, Germany (presumably in 2015) and passing himself off as a civilian refugee and car dealer. As seen from photos on his own social media profiles, this is blatantly untrue.

الشبيح باسم علي
ضابط بجيش التحرير الفلسطيني
هذه مليشيات غنيه عن التعريف المسئوولة عن اعتقال شباب مخيم اليرموك ومخيم فلسطين واعتقال العديد من الشبان بل اضافة إلى قيام بقبض مبالغ مالية مقابل تسليم الشباب ومسئوول عن قتل أشخاص من مخيم عن طريق شهود عيان
تقدم بطلب لجوء الإنساني في إلمانيا على أنه تاجر سيارات
متواجد في ضواحي برلين ويدعي أنه مدني

لا تكن شريكا بالصمت


Author: Ben

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32 thoughts on “List of Shabiha and Allied Militants Posing as Refugees in Europe”

  1. Interesting… pro-Assad forces being secreted onto European soil? Tired of killing though? I’m not too convinced.. and if they are not it begs the question… for what other purpose?

    Do you have any thoughts on why Assad or Putin could find this advantageous?

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  2. Please give me your email, so that we can add some of the criminals name that we find they reach to Germany, Sweden or other countries


  3. To all activists in Europe: If you are aware of the existence of shabiha and others who have committed war criminals — whether from the Syrian regime, Hezbollah, Iran or Iraq — who are applying for political asylum in Europe we ask that you help report these people. Include their whereabouts, place of residence and if possible send photographs to the Centre of the European Constitutional Rights and Human Rights at this address

    European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
    e.V. Zossener Str. 55-58, Aufgang D D-10961 Berlin
    Telefon: +49/(0)30/400 485 90
    Fax: +49/(0)30/400 485 92
    E-Mail: Bei Fragen zu Praktika und freiwilligem Engagement: E-Mail:

    Please share this information.

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    1. Because Assad and the western powers are undeclared allies. It suits us to ignore them and hunt for imaginary Da’eshis among refugees, knowing fully well that we won’t find any.


  4. ASSad promised there will be mayhem in Europe. . And these thugs of his sneaked into Europe posing as refugees. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had something to do with the mass assults on women in Germany on New years Eve. Carrying out ASSads orders.


    1. Why? Because this post is about REGIME soldiers. It’s in the title. There aren’t half as many ex-rebel fighters in Europe.

      Plus, rebel fighters didn’t rape, loot and murder civilians like the regime forces did.

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  5. To the author of this post. Thanks very much. Please contact me urgently on my email i have something important to say.


  6. Who made these “accusations” against these people? Do you have actual proof, or merely the word of “helpful” people who are likely themselves jihadists?


    1. I take it you haven’t looked at the photos, or their Facebook pages for that matter. There are whole social media pages full of tens of thousands of Syrians, all submitting information on these people. Are they all “jihadists” because their actions don’t conform to your world view?


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