As Assad’s slaughter of the Syrian people goes on unabated, with the world either passively watching (or actively collaborating with it), an interesting revelation has appeared from, which I thought was well worth posting here.

Since the regime has apparently concluded that it will never be able to hold onto power without drastic measures, due to how widely hated it is, at the behest of Iran, it has decided to take on measures which, for a regime which ostensibly espouses “resistance”, smack rather strongly of Zionist methods of consolidating their own power in areas cleansed of Palestinians: namely by expelling the original population, and importing in those who will be openly loyal to their regime.

Iran, on behalf of Assad (it’s an open secret that Qasem Soleimani is now in charge in Syria) has been importing thousands of Shiite fighters and civilians from foreign nations (seemingly picking on vulnerable Shiite refugees from Afghanistan) to colonise areas of Syria he has cleansed of Sunnis, in an attempt to change the demographic makeup of Syria altogether, in a way that would be favourable to the regime. The regime has always favoured minorities like the Alawites over the primarily Sunni population, meaning that the new residents would have little interest in dissenting, especially since they would be well-paid and well fed, especially in comparison to their previous situation (and who would turn down the offer to escape Afghanistan for good?).

Although this is nothing new, it also seems that he is trying to change the very nature of Syrian society as a whole, deforming it so as to make Iran’s deformed, warped view of Shiism the cultural norm, as part of this attempt to consolidate the regime. Here is the article. Thanks to Radio Free Syria for the translation.

“The ‘Shia-Online’ website has confirmed that Bashar al-Assad has issued a presidential decree ordering the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education to change the current system to reflect the teachings of the ‘Twelver’ Shiism followed by the Iranian regime.

The site revealed that al-Assad has called on all officials and directors of education insititutions to amend the education system so that students are taught according to the doctrines of the hardline Shiite sect, further stating that Assad has demanded that the study materials currently attributed to Sunni scholars be amended to state that their origins are Shiite.
The Iranian website said that the next academic year will see the opening of the first Shiite school in Damascus, which is to be named ‘Al Rasoul al-Alam’ (the Greatest Prophet) School, with Assad set to personally attend the inauguration ceremony.

According to the site, sources close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said that this will be the first of many such Shiite schools to be opened across Syria, the first time that such schools have been given formal backing by the nominally secular state.

The site said that the school will be run by the Iranian Al-Alam foundation whose purpose is to disseminate Shiism across Sunni-majority Syria, with dozens of centres and schools planned for the country, adding that the majority of Syrians to be employed there having graduated from universities and seminaries in Iran.

The report on Shia-Online indicated that in recent years Sunni Syrians have become extremely suspicious of Iran’s activities across Syria, with concerns about possible prejudice against the large concentrations of Iranians in the majority of Syrian provinces.

Furthermore, the report stated, the number of Shiite seminaries in Syria has increased significantly with Tehran’s backing, with Shiite missionaries proselytising across the country supported by the Assad regime in an effort to spread Shism. It added that the regime has also supported the establishment of many religious and cultural centres and education institutes reflecting the Iranian regime’s teachings in Shiite areas of Syria.

A Syrian observer of Iran’s activities in Syria told the Shia-Online site that “Iranian charities are currently operating in some areas to help those in need” [many of whom have been displaced and made destitute by Iranian bombing and siege by Tehran-backed forces], further confirming that the efforts to convert Syrians to Shiism include offering money and distributing rice, sugar, flour and other essentials.

The Tehran regime recently established an organisation specifically to disseminate the Iranian regime’s hardliner form of ‘Twelver’ Shiism via activities in various fields and through outreach to Syrian universities, offering aid to help those affected by the deteriorating economic situation in Syria and scholarships to students to study at universities in Iran.

Original article from Translation via Radio Free Syria.