I’m Retiring From (Most) Political Commentary. For Good.

As-salamu aleikum,

This is just a brief post to announce that I’m retiring from discussing a lot of contemporary issues publicly. Doing this on social media brings no clear benefit – it saps your strength due to constant disputes, wastes time that you could be spending on actually improving things in real life, drains your willpower and makes you feel constantly sad and depressed. But most of all, it leaves you open to harassment from various regimes that could lead to hardship on you or your family members. It simply isn’t worth it.

You can do much more good in the world if you do your work IRL (in real-life) without posting extensively online. Posting too much online only draws attention to you and thus hinders much of the good you’re trying to do – it puts you on the radar of all kinds of oppressors, and the subsequent harassment will prove difficult for you and your family (and undo much of your good work).

On a lesser level, endless discussion of certain issues online is destroying my mental health, exacerbating my problems and causing all kinds of issues. I feel it causes you to act like, and become, somebody you’re not in order to pander to certain audiences. I apologise to those I was ever rude to, wronged or slighted.

May Allah bless you all.

— Ben


The Democrats’ 2020 “Challengers” Are Abysmal

Despite vowing to defeat Trump in 2020, the Democrats have hardly made a good job of putting up plausible candidates. Much like Hillary Clinton in 2016, all of them seem like phoneys; all of them seem like they’re trying to “fit in” with the “diversity” fad – in which looking different but thinking identically is seen as some sort of virtue.

Elizabeth Warren, notorious for wanting to get “minority” support by playing down her own race (to the extent that she touts herself as something like 0.0001% Native American) went on Instagram in front of fans and pretended to casually crack open a beer as if she were a “normal” American, giving a bizarre running commentary on the drinking of said beer while sipping it with a wooden, slightly inhuman motion that made one think she couldn’t have looked phonier if she tried.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris released boring, mediocre, forgettable videos online full of the same old talking points – “defeat Dotard Blumpf, diversity and equality, stand together against a nation against racism” (which is apparently the biggest evil facing the planet somehow), blah blah blah. They then decided to cement their strategies by appearing on mind-numbingly dull talk shows to trot out the same rubbish.

Cory Booker announced he was stepping into the race – not with any revolutionary ideas or anything particularly unique to bring to the table, but purely because he wants to “restore some civic grace” to American politics. In other words, the droning of children will go on, the endless wars against Israel’s regional enemies will go on, Guantanamo will go on and the illegal occupation of Muslim lands and the backing of all kinds of odious puppet regimes will go on – it will just be done with a nice big smile, à la Obama.

Oh, and the aforementioned Hillary Clinton – whose phoney smiles and cringeworthy attempts to appeal to the young (“‘Pokemon Go!’ to the polls!”) tanked the Democrats in 2016 – may be running again. Don’t get me started on “Uncle Joe” Biden, known to creep on the young daughters of fellow politicians in front of the camera.

Now, I detest democracy and I am no friend to either party – democracy is a charade, the real power lies with the banking and corporate elites behind the scenes, who control the supposedly “vying” candidates like puppets and ensure that the real elite and the satanic agenda (see above) will never change at all. The media is the voice of this financial elite and dances to their tune without question.

Trump, for all his anti-establishment rhetoric, is part of that. A pathetic puppet who was put up as a piece of controlled opposition to deceive voters and direct their anti-establishment anger back into the system. As president he has no real power – as seen by how little has changed, some edgy tweets and some “triggered” Zionist media outlets aside.

However, he is perceived as having (even if it’s all a lie, the perception matters) what Democratic candidates – with their false smiles, endless talk of “diversity” (yet inability to accept actual diverse opinions that don’t fit consumerist hedonism) and inability to come up with any policies bar the vague notion of a skinny-jeans, Starbucks “resistance” to Donald “literally Hitler” Trump – don’t have: a perverse form of sincerity.

Because Trump is unashamedly vulgar, because he openly states that he’ll kill Muslims (which other politicians would rather he put in polite terms as Obama did so as not to reflect badly on the American empire) and because he openly scorns his opponents in the most dismissive rhetoric imaginable, he’s seen as “honest”, as “connecting with the people” because he appeals to the base desires of untold millions of ignorant, brain dead boomers and their detestable little brats. In the words of Larry Weitzner, the lead ad-maker on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Trump does well because Americans today don’t like “poll-tested platitudes, flowery talking points, and boring, conventional political speeches”:

Trump matches the energy of his supporters. His fundamental understanding that voters are effectively done with conventional politicians enables him to capture their attention and imagination like few American politicians ever before. It’s a massive advantage he has maintained against his political opponents and will continue to maintain against the Democrats heading into 2020.

Voters can smell a phony a mile away, and the 2020 Democrats’ cringeworthy attempts to appear “authentic” stink to high heaven. As for “exploratory committees” and “book tours,” well, sorry but it’s not 1996 anymore. These days, attention spans are a minute long and entire news cycles are only slightly longer; with every politician under the sun running for president, the competition for voters’ attention is fierce and the old tricks simply won’t cut it.

There’s no squashing back down what the Trump campaign of 2016 unleashed. People don’t want bigotry and imperialism with a nice smile anymore. They want it with a vulgar, boorish sneer and a good dose of “populism” to wash it all down.

All the Democrats can do is whinge about vague, hollow talking points nobody cares about and few actually want to listen to. Nobody wants to *rolls eyes* “stand together as Americans” to preserve the rotten status quo, purely because *shock horror* “Trump might be a “rayyy-cizt” (Or worse, a “white syew-preeemist”…) Nobody knows what “diversity” means, beyond “Support “diversity” or lose your job for ‘misgendering’ a man in a dress” and/or “Open borders for everyone except Israel!”

Trump is a fraud and a puppet of the globalist elite. He’s as false, detestable and fraudulent as the detestable democratic system that put him into place. But this hideous orange dullard understands how to play this filthy game better than any of the faceless, useless slime he may well end up running against.

– Ben

The Era of Ingratitude

I heard a story that shocked me recently. In KSA, a man who prays regularly in a masjid there (but is westernised, as many are) openly told someone there: “I fear Allah, but I don’t love Him.” Can you imagine that? The response from the person was to remind him to fear Allah and to ask him how he could say that. The man’s response basically was that he feared Allah’s Jahannum (Hellfire) but had no love for Allah in his heart!

W’Allahi this story had me really shocked. This person is completely and utterly stupid! Imagine if, say, you dropped $10,000 of your life savings on the ground as you were walking, which you needed to survive otherwise your family would starve to death, and somebody – a mere mortal – came up to you and returned it to you.

Think about that for a second. You would want to thank them, be good to them, praise them to others etc.  Yet ALLAH, the Lord of the Universe, Powerful and Great beyond even our comprehension, gives you the very air you breathe, the family you love, the roof you sleep in, the food in your stomach AND the promise of eternal life in Jannah if you obey Him and avoid shirk and kufr, yet you’re not grateful and even brag about that? Subhan Allah. May Allah save us from nifaq and ingratitute, ameen.

For Jason Kessler, Unite the Right 2 is A Desperate Move

Jason Kessler feels he has nothing to lose.

Jason Kessler’s career in white nationalism has hardly been a roaring success. He was the organiser of the notorious Unite the Right rally in August of 2017 in Charlottesville. The rally was an attempt to unite the mainstream right-wing behind the more radical alt-right – ethno-nationalists who believe races should be kept apart and advocate a partially or exclusively all-white America (or beyond) via “peaceful ethnic cleansing”.

Kessler failed to attract many rightists, for whom his cause was already disreputable. Despite Kessler, Spencer and other organisers furiously trying to get their young, teenage followers to come out into the streets, they had to resort to filling the relatively thin ranks of the 1600 people who turned up with traditional white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups such as the League of the South (which wants all mosques in the south demolished) and the National Socialist Movement.

This attempt to compensate would prove politically fatal for Kessler.

The crowds who turned up were openly brandishing Nazi symbols such as swastikas, black sun symbols, National Socialist (yep, Nazi again) propaganda and more, resulting in the majority of Americans being appalled. Chants of “Gas the kikes, race war now!” only made things worse, as did chants of “Heil Trump!” and the rioting that broke out. Then a neo-Nazi rammed a crowd with his car, killing a woman. Kessler attempted a press conference and nearly ended up lynched.

Bitter at being criticised by several of his white nationalist allies (and reportedly with death threats streaming in and cars menacingly passing his house) Kessler, by his own admission, then took too much ambien after drinking alcohol and tweeted something he ended up bitterly regretting:

To add insult to injury the attached link was to an article on the Daily Stormer, an infamous neo-Nazi “news” website calling for the genocide of Jews, Muslims, black people and others – which described the victim as a “childless 32-year-old slut”.

Denounciations poured in from both allies as well as Kessler’s many, many opponents. When he woke up Kessler found himself inundated with a barrage of rejection and disapproval, his attempt at repudiating his tweet by blaming xanax and ambien completely unsuccessful. His rally fell apart and resulted in the death of the alt-right and his own pariah status in his own fringe community. Even today he complains that its key leaders won’t even retweet him.

This new rally in Washington D.C. is Kessler’s belated attempt to claw back some credibility. Regardless of his claims that he’s doing it purely for his cause, Kessler (who liked a tweet containing a quote from Daily Stormer ‘man on the ground’ Robert Ray which described their opponents as “Jewish communists and criminal ni**ers”) is doing this for himself, to prove to the world that he’s not a complete neo-Nazi failure incapable of organising things (he’s banned swastikas this time).

It’shard to see how he’ll achieve this. His crowd is expected to be a mere 400 people at best.* White supremacist leaders have disavowed him once again (not wanting to repeat the disaster) and others are terrified of going for fear that their faces will end up recognised and their lives ruined – as happened with many Charlottesville attendees.

Kessler has reportedly invited former KKK leader David Duke and neo-Nazi congressional candidate Paul Nehlen (who has called for airstrikes on European Muslim communities). Not the smartest move in the world. Plus, this time it’s in front of the White House, of all places. Not the smartest move.

Is explicit anti-white racism now condoned? Yes. Has Cultural Marxism been widely introduced into the western education system? Yes. But the solution is not to segregate people based on race; the solution is to embrace the truth – Islam – and by so doing fiercely repudiate modernity, postmodernity, and all forms of nihilism and hedonism. What people believe counts, not their skin colour. As a Caucasian let me tell you, a black believer (Muslim) who commits sins and transgressions while recognising how inherently wrong they are is infinitely dearer to me than some white kafir who believes in nothing and imagines he’s virtuous by mere virtue of his race.

The Failed Spy Who Helped Start WWII

It’s 1939. Hitler is planning the invasion of Poland, but he needs a plausible justification for this act of blatant aggression – the claim to Danzig will hardly be sufficient.

Hitler turns to a consistently reliable and so-far loyal underling – Heinrich Himmler. An ex-student, esoteric occultist and former chicken farmer (with rather limited success) Himmler consistently proved himself to be a ruthless and capable administrator. As head of the SS he was later responsible for organising the Holocaust. But in 1939 his job was to find a pretext for the assault on Poland, which Hitler foolishly did not expect to become a world war. For that, Himmler turned to Reinhard Heydrich.

A disgraced naval officer, Heydrich had been recruited by Himmler in the early 1930s to form a Nazi intelligence service in the years before the Nazis took power.[1] Himmler invited Heydrich to an interview, mistakenly assuming that his background as a naval signals officer meant he had a background in intelligence; Himmler was looking for a man with espionage experience. Ridiculously enough, Heydrich, who had read spy novels, was asked to lay out his plans for an intelligence organisation and immediately went about describing how he would form one based on those novels. He got the job.

Heydrich was just as ruthless as Himmler, albeit with less self control in his personal life. He had been expelled from of the navy for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman (or anyone else) when he fornicated with a young woman whom he promised to marry – while being engaged to another. Heydrich’s hedonistic personality saw him thrown out of the navy into the hands of the Nazis.

Over time Heydrich’s  security service (or Sicherheitsdienst, SD) grew to be a huge apparatus of terror and intimidation in Nazi Germany. With his boss Himmler as Chief of German Police, Reich Minister of the Interior and Reichsführer-SS, Heydrich became a powerful member of the inner circle with Himmler’s blessing. The two formed a demonic duo focused on power at any cost. Several old Nazi veterans who stood in their way ended up unceremoniously shot.

Now Himmler was expecting more good work from Heydrich. To undo Poland for good, Heydrich turned to his old friend Alfred Naujocks, an unlikely spy and former driver with a good record on the surface. The problem was that Naujocks was of questionable competence.

Naujocks had joined the SS in Kiel in 1931 – coincidentally, the same city Heydrich had served in during his time in the navy. A former mechanic, Naujocks escaped domestic issues with his wife by signing on as a driver at an SD command in Berlin in 1934, followed by a career as a clerk in the central registry.  Naujocks had no experience in intelligence work whatsoever that we know of. However for some reason, Heydrich decided to take on Naujocks as a spy in foreign operations and trust him with all manner of important tasks.

Was Naujocks secretly working as an informer for Heydrich during his time as an SD driver? I believe it to be possible. His role would have seen him responsible for transporting senior SD members around Berlin. This would have given him ample opportunity to listen to any indiscreet conversation and then report back to his superiors. Heydrich and Himmler were never too shy to spy on fellow party leaders in order to undermine potential rivals. Naujocks may have proven his worth as an informer, leading Heydrich to believe he could be trusted for bigger and better things. This is all just speculation, however.

The SD’s foreign arm, SD-Ausland was actually rather inept compared to the Abwehr (naval intelligence). Since it was built entirely from the bottom-up, the SD really had no idea how to run complex foreign operations. Heydrich may have been grasping at straws when he hired Naujocks. Or it may simply be a case of age-old nepotism in which Heydrich hired a man he knew. The only real successes of SD-Ausland were in acquiring material from open press sources abroad (which literally involved reading foreign newspapers, hardly an achievement) and minor intelligence sources from ethnic Germans around Europe.

In November 1934 Heydrich sent Naujocks and a colleague to the then-Czechoslovak capital Prague to eliminate (read: kill) a Nazi opponent. Instead of doing their job, they became concerned that the Czech police were onto them and fled back to Berlin instead. In February 1935 Heydrich sent them back to Czechoslovakia again, this time to kidnap another regime opponent. Instead of kidnapping him they managed to fail their task and shoot the fellow dead instead. Naujocks also managed to get himself shot and injured in the process.

Heydrich must have been feeling unusually kind, because he kept Naujocks onFrom 1936 to 1937 Naujocks was sent on a casual tour of Europe to familiarise himself with major cities and locations. On SD money. At this stage I’m starting to wonder if Heydrich was declining in the head when he kept blowing money on Naujocks, but I digress. Naujocks travelled to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France and England.

Accompanied by an SS man who worked for industrial giant AEG, Naujocks would have had the perfect cover if he wished to take the initiative and make contact with potential informers, gather intelligence on key sites in Europe or meet key political figures under the auspice of business to gain valuable information from their chatter, even if these weren’t his orders when he set off. Instead Naujocks made no attempt to do any intelligence work whatsoever or even request to do any, regarding the trips as recreational. To be fair, it seems the trip was indeed intended to be recreational by Heydrich, who was apparently content with paying through the (very long) nose for his friend. Dictatorships don’t like underlings taking the initiative – especially the Nazi regime. Naujocks was well aware of what happened to Ernst Röhm and thus had little initiative to show any initiative himself.

In autumn 1937 Heydrich rewarded Naujocks for his… Erm… Valuable work, by making him an SS Captain and placing him in SD-Ausland. Heydrich then rewarded him further by introducing him to Himmler, Goring, Ribbentrop, Goebbels and other senior Nazis. In early 1938 Naujocks became a major and was made chief of the South-East Europe sector of SD-Ausland (also known as Office III of the SD). Naujocks’ appointment changed very little in SD-Ausland, he tended to rely on patriotic German businessmen working abroad who willingly provided him with information and expected no reimbursement for their services.

In 1939 Heydrich gave Naujocks another mission – this time he was to eliminate a Propaganda Ministry official by the name of Berndt who had annoyed Heydrich in some way. Naujocks immediately decided to become “ill” and went to bed instead. Heydrich was finally a little bit irritated by Naujocks and a superior told him he would do well to leave. Never one to take a hint, Naujocks stayed on and even managed to get himself a tiny role in the haggling over the fate of Slovakia in March 1939.

In August he was assigned to the role for which he was most infamous, faking a “Polish attack” as part of Operation Himmler. The operation was despicably simple; German propaganda had portrayed ethnic Germans in Poland as oppressed and miserable for some time. Now something more incriminating was needed. The Germans faked several Polish raids on German territory, with SS and SD men in Polish uniform attacking border posts, terrifying locals by spraying their weapons inaccurately, conducting acts of sabotage and then withdrawing. To make the charade more realistic they took the bodies of several life-sentence concentration camp inmates, gave them lethal injections, stuck them in Polish military uniforms and then riddled them with bullets. They were then dumped all around 21 locations near the border to make it appear as if Polish soldiers were raiding poor, innocent Nazi Germany.[2]

Naujocks was in charge of one of these 21 operations. A radio station at Gleiwitz was the main site of the faked “attack” on 31 August/September 1 1939. Naujocks and 5 or 6 men went to Gleiwitz, bringing with them the bodies of several prisoners from Dachau concentration camp in Polish uniform. Some weren’t even dead due to botched executions and were instead shot on location. Naujocks’ team had their faces disfigured to make them impossible to identify. The bodies were even transported in cases labelled “Konserve” (“preserves”). This caused the operation to be nicknamed among some after the war as “Operation Canned Goods” or “Operation Konserve”.

The corpses were dumped all around the station and fake Polish propaganda was broadcast to make it seem as if the station had been occupied by Polish troops. A dead “Pole” was placed next to the microphone as if he had been the one making the broadcasts. Journalists were brought in to film and report on the grisly scene.[3]

Needless to say, this didn’t convince international opinion when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1 1939. War was afoot and the rest is history. Naujocks, however, seems to have possibly upped his competence over time. He later played a key role in the Venlo incident, a decisive propaganda victory which saw British agents Captain Sigismund Best and Major Richard Stevens abducted in the Netherlands. Naujocks was also involved in Operation Bernhard, an attempt to forge British bank notes to undermine the British economy.

His newfound success was not to last, however. Heydrich still bore a furious grudge and had him demoted in 1940. In 1941 he was kicked out of the SD altogether for questioning one of Heydrich’s orders and sent to the Eastern Front, a move commonly regarded by many German soldiers as an effective death sentence. Naujocks survived however, and was sent to the west in 1943 due to ill health of some sort. There he became an economic administrator for German troops in Belgium and once again managed to get himself involved in scheming and intrigue, being linked to the deaths of several members of the Belgian resistance.[4]

Promoted to Obersturmführer (first lieutenant). Naujocks participated in acts of killing, intimidation and sabotage against the population of Denmark from 1943-1944, murdering famous Lutheran pastor Kaj Munk. He later turned himself over to the approaching American forces in November 1944. Despite confessing to his crimes, testifying at Nuremberg and escaping custody before his trial, the police don’t seem to have made a very active effort to get him back; he was able to work as a businessman in Hamburg without seriously attempting to hide. He allegedly worked with famous ex-commando Otto Skorzeny on the ODESSA operation which helped Nazis flee to Latin America, before dying of a heart attack in Hamburg on 4 April 1966. Largely forgotten in many historical accounts, Naujocks seems content to have left it that way. His victims can seek contentment, however, in the knowledge of what’s coming to him in the hereafter.

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NATO Games Depicting Turkey As “The Enemy” Planned Months in Advance

Last year, NATO conducted a military drill in which Erdoğan was depicted as “the enemy”, leading a country intended to resemble Turkey in all but name. In response, Turkey decided to withdraw its troops from the joint NATO drill.

Reports say that the incident took place a week before the drill’s end. It started on Nov. 8, the exercise in which Turkey was depicted as “the enemy” occurred on Nov. 13 and the drill finished on Nov. 16.

NATO claimed the depiction of Turkey as an enemy nation in the scenario “was the result of an individual’s actions”, nothing more. The enemy country was designated as the country of “Skolken” – which closely resembles Turkey, and was even presented as having been led by Atatürk and Erdoğan themselves.

A technician in the Norwegian army inserted Atatürk’s picture in the “hostile leader list” as the “dictator” of Skolken – AKA Turkey. While Atatürk was indeed a tyrant, this is not the point – the point is that contemporary Turkey was depicted as a nation that would need to be conquered.

The drill depicted a war that broke out in part due to social media content posted by Skolken’s leader. The name of the social media account of the leader was “RTerdogan” and he was described as an “enemy of NATO”. “RTerdogan” was depicted as having bought S-400 missile systems off an unspecified nation hostile to NATO, the purchase was cited as the justification for the invasion of Turkey.  Note that tensions have recently flared between Erdoğan and the west due to Turkey’s effort to purchase S-400 missile systems from Russia.

It’s also noteworthy that the hypothetical invasion by NATO due to the latter seeing the deal as harmful to its interests – not due to any military aggression by “Skolken”.

NATO was quick to declare that “the incidents were the result of an individual’s actions” and thus do “not reflect the views of NATO”, but the damage was done – Erdoğan condemned NATO and Turkish media outlets fumed, both Islamic and secular.

“You have seen the disrespectful behavior at the NATO drill yesterday. There are some mistakes that are done not by fools but only by base people. This matter cannot be covered over with a simple apology.” – Erdoğan

The excuse was considered particularly pathetic by many Turks due to the fact that NATO’s annual drill scenarios are screened and approved down to the last detail months in advance; it is very unlikely indeed for the details of any drill to slip by without prior approval in a high-security environment. Erdoğan refused to accept the apology.

The fact that 5 officers accused of taking part in the July 2016 coup had close connections with the base did nothing to help. After the coup failed, Norway made sure to openly grant them asylum in spite of Turkish protests. Brigadier General Gökhan Şahin Sönmezateş, an organiser of the coup, held high office in NATO headquarters in the last decade.

Blow up Your Own Cities: A Marxist Trend

The YPG lost Afrin, probably for good. Their defences collapsed as Turkish troops advanced, killing over 3000 YPG and regime militiamen – militiamen sent in an attempt to discourage the Turkish army.[1] In Manbij, this had worked; regime troops and US forces ostentatiously flew their flags to discourage Turkey from pushing forward.

It didn’t work this time. Over 100 Assad militiamen were killed, the rest retreated. The YPG tried to imprison civilians in Afrin with blockades to use them as human shields. When that didn’t work, they abandoned the city and the Turkish army and FSA took control. Civilians began returning and life slowly seemed to return to normalcy.

A few days later, a bomb exploded in an apartment in central Afrin on March 19, killing 7 civilians and 4 nearby FSA men.[2] A few days later another bomb went off, killing more people.[3] One local resident who lost 2 nephews in the blast claims this is YPG revenge for not fanatically  – you are with them or against them.[4] The YPG has even placed bombs in Qur’ans several times – one of which killed Turkish sergeant Orhan Sürmen when he opened it.

These tactics – bombing civilian homes and enemy positions after a retreat to cause public dissatisfaction and make a territory ungovernable – are nothing new when it comes to Marxist states and groups.

In the Crimea in 1941, Romanian soldiers pushed forward as part of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union – Operation Barbarossa. Romania had humiliatingly been forced by the Soviets to give up the ancient Romanian regions of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina by an ultimatum which promised invasion if the Romanians didn’t comply.

But this wasn’t 1940 anymore. Romania had grabbed back Bessarabia and Bukovina, and its troops were pushing into the USSR. Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu had aligned his nation with Germany – not out of love of Germany or Nazism, but due to his belief that the Germans would help them regain territory. Just as brutal as Hitler, Antonescu tended more on the side of cynicism – he didn’t relish in killing, neither did he hold back. He killed around 300,000 Jews, yet saved around 300,000  more – because it was expedient.

But the Crimean campaign didn’t go as well. Around Odessa, the Romanian army was quickly bogged down in trench warfare until it had suffered over 100,000 men killed, wounded or maimed before the Russians finally pulled out. The area became so bloody that the Romanians called it “the vale of tears”.

Romanian troops examine carnage after the siege.

At this stage, it would have been pragmatic for the Soviets to withdraw to Sevastopol and regroup. But NKVD (later KGB) sabotage units were put to work before the withdrawing, placing time bombs to blow up buildings in Odessa, regardless of if innocent people died (or if it caused reprisals). One such bomb exploded in the building appropriated as the Romanian army’s central command, obliterating General Ion Glogojeanu, 16 of his officers and 4 Germans. In total, the death toll ran at 67 people.

The paranoid Antonescu was enraged, believing that his army’s heavy losses were completely down to the Jews alone. He based this on the fact that many of the Soviet army’s political officers – men present among units to indoctrinate the troops (and, if necessary, push them forward at the barrel of a gun) were Jewish. Antonescu, however, claimed that all Jews were morally responsible for communism, regardless of if they supported it or not.

When Wilhelm Filderman, Jewish Romanian-born activist (who regularly exchanged letters with Antonescu) wrote to him to ask for mercy for the Jews, Antonescu responded by citing the testimony of Soviets captured in Odessa:

“The soldiers at the front run the great risk of being wounded or killed because of the Jewish commissars, who with a diabolical perseverance drive the Russians from behind with revolvers and keep them in their positions until they die to the last man. I have found out about this and am disgusted.”[5]

While the commissars often forced gentile soldiers to fight to the last man, reports compiled by both the Germans and Romanians concluded that part of the reason behind Romania’s heavy losses was due to the ill-prepared Romanian army itself.[6] Antonescu vented his fury on the innocent, and the Soviets gave him the pretext, not caring how many of their supposedly beloved citizens died in the process.

The Soviet bombings had no military value. In fact, Antonescu and the Nazis had been given the fake excuse they were looking for to justify terrible atrocities. In response, they rounded up some 34,000 Jews (including women and children) and shot them. When that got boring, they were herded into barns and machine gun fire was poured inside.

The Soviets cared very little for their own people or anyone else’s – not only did they blow up their own cities to spite enemy forces, but forced their soldiers to use human wave assaults against well-defended enemy positions, costing millions of casualties.

These same tactics were employed by Mao, Pol-Pot, Gaddafi and any number of others. It’s no surprise that the YPG hides behind columns of civilians, blows up their (occupied) houses, executes Kurds it deems to be “traitors” and more. Marxists have no value for the workers they claim to protect.

The YPG has often claimed that if it took over, Turkey would massacre and ethnically cleanse the Kurds (despite evidence to the contrary). It claims to be their protector, yet deliberately engages in tactics designed to cause the very hatred and bitterness. Few will be glad to see it gone.

FSA mercenaries in Afrin.


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